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Documentation fixes for Atlas backup schedules



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      On this docs page here: https://www.mongodb.com/docs/atlas/reference/api/cloud-backup/schedule/modify-one-schedule/ it is said that policies[] field is an array of policyItems. So, one may assume that multiple policies can be applied to a single backup schedule. But on practice I got "INVALID_NUM_OF_POLICIES". Must have exactly one policy. (Here is the code section - https://github.com/10gen/mms/blob/c30dcf14b05355f273093ad0b5866e1aee2a65fa/server/src/main/com/xgen/svc/mms/api/res/atlas/ApiAtlasDiskBackupScheduleResource.java#L389-L392) I guess it would be nice to mention this in the documentation, that it should be only one object in the array, or make it just as object instead of array of objects.

      The second thing about backupPolicy[id]. The docs say that it should be a Unique identifier of the backup policy that you want to update. without mentioning the format. But the code has a defined format for this field - (Here is the code section - https://github.com/10gen/mms/blob/7fcb6de9fdd0e1096b7820ef05172893f4df0fda/server/src/main/com/xgen/svc/mms/api/view/ApiAtlasDiskBackupSnapshotScheduleView.java#L239) E.g: sending just 123-321-123 or any type of UUID will fail with "INVALID_JSON_ATTRIBUTE". Received JSON for the policies.java.util.ArrayList[0].id attribute does not match expected format. I think it would be nice mention that this field has to match the specific regex (https://github.com/10gen/mms/blob/7fcb6de9fdd0e1096b7820ef05172893f4df0fda/server/src/main/com/xgen/cloud/openapi/_public/constant/OpenApiConst.java#L7).




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