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Expose builds not running due to scheduling in API



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      Currently the following scenario happens periodically:

      1. We have a project being tested in Evergreen, and the build is green.
      2. I submit a build (patch/PR)
      3. Some time later I check the status of the build. Most configurations passed but one or two have not been run.
      4. Often these are the rare OSes (arm/ppc) which I know to occasionally be in high demand. I leave the build alone.
      5. Some time later I check the build again and it hasn't started building the affected builds.
      6. I investigate the situation and learn that Evergreen changed the distro name, or the entire distro is out of commission because underlying hardware is unavailable, etc. Because of this the builds I am waiting for may never complete or may not have a current ETA.

      As a user of Evergreen, I would like to:

      1. Arrive at this conclusion earlier (e.g. on step 3 rather than step 6).
      2. Have Evergreen inform me of the reason why my build was not run, rather than having to troubleshoot the situation manually every time.

      I imagine each build passes through the scheduler at some point. If the build references a distro that the scheduler has no hosts for, I expect it to be possible to annotate the build with this information.

      As a user of Evergreen API, I would like the functionality discussed in this ticket be available via the API please.




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