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PHP driver on big endian platform not connecting to MongoDB



    • Type: Bug
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    • Affects Version/s: 1.6.9
    • Fix Version/s: 1.6.11
    • Component/s: pecl-mongo
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      I built the PHP MongoDB driver on a Linux Z system (big endian) but have not been able to get it to connect to MongoDB.

      When i invoke the MongoClient constructor in PHP, to create a connection, the MongoDB server reports "recv(): message len 1040187392 is invalid."
      The value 1040187392 turns out to be hex 3E000000 i.e. would have value 62 (0x3E) with endianess reversed.

      I also built the php MongoDB driver on a x86 machine (little endian) and it connects successfully to the same MongoDB server that was used above.

      I ran tshark (wireshark) on the db server and it reported activity when trying to connect from both Linux Z and x86 systems. When connecting from x86 it reported a "MONGO" message with "Len=62" when the connection is made, but did not recognise any "MONGO" message when connecting from the Linux Z system.

      Hence I seem to have an endianess problem with the PHP driver on the Linux Z system.

      I installed the php driver using a manual source compile and install on each system ('phpize', './configure', 'make', 'sudo make install').

      './configure' reported the following:
      On Z system "checking whether byte ordering is bigendian... yes"
      On x86 system "checking whether byte ordering is bigendian... no"

      Please could you suggest a fix for this problem.





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