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Version 3.2.0-rc0


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Released: 15/Oct/15

Release Notes

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Critical - P2BugSERVER-20303Negative scaling at low thread count under WiredTiger when inserting large documentsKeith BosticClosed
Critical - P2BugSERVER-20678MapReduce performance Issue with 3.1.xAndrew MorrowClosed
Critical - P2BugSERVER-20776diagnostic.data directory size limit is not enforcedMark BenvenutoClosed
Critical - P2BugSERVER-20800getMore command against awaitData cursor does not blockEric MilkieClosed
Critical - P2BugSERVER-20828ShardingTest and resmoke.py should not pass --nojournal when --configsvr is specifiedMax HirschhornClosed
Major - P3ImprovementSERVER-2421Return FQDN of server in serverStatus, config.mongos and replSetStatusSpencer JacksonClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-13339One constructor for Client::Context does not properly set the curopKaloian ManassievClosed
Major - P3ImprovementSERVER-14191Auth passthrough suite should enable auditing when testing the enterprise buildJonathan AbrahamsClosed
Major - P3TaskSERVER-16609Add ability to configure WT asynchronous loggingGeert BoschClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-18279lock contention in mongo::DBClientReplicaSet::getServerAddressKaloian ManassievClosed
Major - P3ImprovementSERVER-18607Difficult to tell if running on an openSource or Enterprise version of the serverJonathan ReamsClosed
Major - P3ImprovementSERVER-18622listCollections command should special-case filtering by name.Charlie SwansonClosed
Major - P3ImprovementSERVER-19547Shard and mongos nodes should report their config server connection string in serverStatusMisha TyulenevClosed
Major - P3ImprovementSERVER-19567Compatibility layer for display of find/getMore commands in currentOpDavid StorchClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-19934Ill-timed crash at end of chunk migration can lead to lost writes when using replica sets as config serversKaloian ManassievClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-1997730-50% performance regression in basic performance tests using mongo shellJason CareyClosed
Major - P3TaskSERVER-20082Add maxTimeMs to config catalog operations with readConcernMisha TyulenevClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-20111Explain helpers report incorrect plan summary and summary statistics when multiple candidate plans generatedCharlie SwansonClosed
Major - P3TaskSERVER-20117Allow queries with a sort routed through mongos to be covered in the new mongos read pathYunHe WangClosed
Major - P3ImprovementSERVER-20168Add an option to $unwind to include documents with empty arraysCharlie SwansonClosed
Major - P3TaskSERVER-20194Enable new cursor manager path in mongos for legacy OP_QUERY/OP_GET_MORE/OP_KILLCURSORS query operationsYunHe WangClosed
Major - P3TaskSERVER-20220Give meaningful thread names to threads used by NetworkInterface implementationsAdam MidvidyClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-20283connPoolStats command does not include any information about connections owned by the NetworkInterfaceSamantha RitterClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-20313Remove SpiderMonkey Windows exported functionsMark BenvenutoClosed
Major - P3TaskSERVER-20396Upgrade to latest firefox esr spidermonkey before 3.2 releaseJason CareyClosed
Major - P3ImprovementSERVER-20414Configure Evergreen to run more suites in parallelCharlie SwansonClosed
Major - P3New FeatureSERVER-20427Add regression analysis phase to Evergreen for System Performance testsChung-yen ChangClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-20453Samples per chunk is off by oneMark BenvenutoClosed
Major - P3ImprovementSERVER-20469FSM tests - capability to run more than one instance at the same timeJonathan AbrahamsClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-20512Segfault in DeleteStage::workMax HirschhornClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-20529WiredTiger allows capped collection objects to growGeert BoschClosed
Major - P3TaskSERVER-20534Add analysis comparing mongo-perf throughput with oplog versus standaloneDavid DalyClosed
Major - P3TaskSERVER-20541Update timeouts for NetworkInterfaceASIO connection poolsSamantha RitterClosed
Major - P3TaskSERVER-20564Remove some calls to getOwned() in JS for $whereJason CareyClosed
Major - P3TaskSERVER-20566Add unit tests for malformed message headers sent to NIASamantha RitterClosed
Major - P3TaskSERVER-20574should rename existing inMemoryExperiment storage engineGeert BoschClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-20595Unwind with includeArrayIndex produces different structure results for arrays and non-arraysCharlie SwansonClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-20628AsyncMockStream doesn't return an error if incorrect number of bytes is readSamantha RitterClosed
Major - P3ImprovementSERVER-20631mongod/mongos should clear their signal masks while daemonizingJonathan ReamsClosed
Major - P3TaskSERVER-20636Move Command::testCommandsEnabled definition to its own libraryMax HirschhornClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-20646stale_clustered.js fails with "node is recovering" errorKaloian ManassievClosed
Major - P3TaskSERVER-20649add slaveOk read test coverage for drain modeMatt DannenbergClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-20655During recovery replicas should truncate the oplog to start position of the failed batchScott HernandezClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-20664WiredTiger and zlib trigger clang 3.7's Wshift-negative-value warningMathias StearnClosed
Major - P3TaskSERVER-20668Index hash map outside of the lockMathias StearnClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-20676Move chunk doesn't retry if the chunk boundaries don't match what mongos expectedSpencer T BrodyClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-20681Add unit tests for AsyncOp timeouts, cancellations, and network errorsSamantha RitterClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-20700Invariant failure in collection_metadata.cpp during splitChunk commandSpencer T BrodyClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-20703ftdc_test should create metrics.test in a temporary directoryJonathan ReamsClosed
Major - P3ImprovementSERVER-20707Add a new option --enableMajorityReadConcernMathias StearnClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-20708getMore and killCursors commands should ignore the value of the slaveOk bit received from the clientDavid StorchClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-20712Build failure with --use-cpu-profiler on linuxJonathan ReamsClosed
Major - P3TaskSERVER-20719Introduce variant of sharding_jscore_passthrough configured to use "legacy" (OP_QUERY) readModeDavid StorchClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-20720mongos should not establish a tailable cursor over an empty capped collectionYunHe WangClosed
Major - P3TaskSERVER-20722Require journaling and rs pv1 with config serversMatt DannenbergClosed
Major - P3TaskSERVER-20723eliminate electionTimeoutOffsetLimit from the replica set config, in favor of splitting the electionTimeoutMillis internallyBenety GohClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-20738Oplog stones does not enforce ascending order of RecordIdsMax HirschhornClosed
Major - P3TaskSERVER-20752improve NetworkInterfaceASIO loggingAdam MidvidyClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-20763Performance regression in find command (versus legacy OP_QUERY) due to additional contended calls into CursorManagerDavid StorchClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-20769Remove global X lock from setShardVersion while initializing ShardingStateSpencer T BrodyClosed
Major - P3ImprovementSERVER-20771WiredTiger changes for MongoDB 3.2.0-rc0Michael CahillClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-20778Bring comment and code in signalDrainComplete into agreementMatt DannenbergClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-20780config_rs_no_primary.js should stepDown config server before shutting it downSpencer T BrodyClosed
Major - P3TaskSERVER-20781Add additional logging when awaiting replication between workloads in concurrency suiteJonathan AbrahamsClosed
Major - P3TaskSERVER-20784Ensure that the concurrency suite actually awaits replication between workloadsJonathan AbrahamsClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-20785conf_server_write_concern.js fails sporadicallySpencer T BrodyClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-20787auth.js failing irregularly, awaitReplication() times outKaloian ManassievClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-20789moveChunk needs to send config optime when sending _recvChunkStart to destination shardSpencer T BrodyClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-20794Metadata of second mongos is out of date in jstests/sharding/shard3.jsSpencer T BrodyClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-20799basicPlus.js failed on Windows 2008R2 DEBUG while running crud_api.jsMax HirschhornClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-20801drop_configdb.js needs to make sure it is talking to the config server primarySpencer T BrodyClosed
Major - P3TaskSERVER-20802Remove jstestfuzz task from some Evergreen variantsRobert GuoClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-20804replica set nodes should consider changing sync sources when their sync source isn't ahead of them and has no means of getting aheadMatt DannenbergClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-20805Sharding tests that move the same chunk multiple times should use '_waitForDelete: true'Kaloian ManassievClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-20806balance_repl.js needs to figure out what shard to move chunks to after it runs movePrimarySpencer T BrodyClosed
Major - P3ImprovementSERVER-20810Find command errors should not include a stack traceDavid StorchClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-20812Relinquishing primary makes vote request from higher-priority node failSiyuan ZhouClosed
Major - P3TaskSERVER-20815Remove yield_sort.js workload from FSM blacklistsJonathan AbrahamsClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-20817Timeout during conf_server_write_concern.js with legacy config serversMatt DannenbergClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-20822make sync source decisions based on ReplSetMetadata, because that data is less staleMatt DannenbergClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-20832step down command should restart heartbeats at most onceBenety GohClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-20836copydb with invalid db name crashes mongosRandolph TanClosed
Major - P3New FeatureSERVER-20837Support date() in benchRun()Dan PasetteClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-20839trace_missing_docs_test.js compares Timestamp instances using < operator in mongo shellMax HirschhornClosed
Major - P3ImprovementSERVER-20840Shorten the election timeout to 5 secondsSiyuan ZhouClosed
Major - P3TaskSERVER-20842Reduce test iterations in rename_capped_collection_dbname_chain.jsJonathan AbrahamsClosed
Major - P3ImprovementSERVER-20846shouldChangeSyncSource's log message misleadingly says changing sync target rather re-evaluatingMatt DannenbergClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-20847split_stale_mongos.js fails because splitChunk talks to a stale config server and fails to see the newly created database metadataSpencer T BrodyClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-20849Invariant failure root->stageType != STAGE_MULTI_PLAN during explainCharlie SwansonClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-20855Don't replace the ShardRegistry with older information than it already knows aboutSpencer T BrodyClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-20891User-initiated writes to the config server must use w:majority write concernSpencer T BrodyClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-20892resmoke.py should wait for initial sync to finish before starting any testsMax HirschhornClosed
Minor - P4BugSERVER-1912Scope is retained across mapReduce jobs in the same connectionJason CareyClosed
Minor - P4BugSERVER-13885Kerberos Authentication on Windows from mongo client only works with FQDNSpencer JacksonClosed
Minor - P4TaskSERVER-19827Expand jstestfuzz to run on WindowsRobert GuoClosed
Minor - P4ImprovementSERVER-20026Add execution timeout to jstestfuzz Evergreen taskRobert GuoClosed
Minor - P4ImprovementSERVER-20520Include index key in $indexStats return documentsJames WahlinClosed
Minor - P4BugSERVER-20553Warnings for 'js::jit::TempObject::operator new' while compiling mozjs on WindowsMark BenvenutoClosed
Minor - P4TaskSERVER-20826Add unittests task to non-debug ASan variantJonathan ReamsClosed
Minor - P4BugSERVER-20904Delete operations issued by repair2.js should not yieldDavid StorchClosed
Minor - P4TaskSERVER-20917Convert 0_test_launching.js into a self-test for the multiversion frameworkCharlie SwansonClosed
Trivial - P5BugSERVER-6233Support MongoDB URIs as mongo shell argumentJonathan ReamsClosed
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