Release Notes - Core Server - Version 2.2.4 - HTML format


  • [SERVER-1606] - Oplog entries contain repeated fields ($set)
  • [SERVER-6591] - Localhost authentication exception doesn't work right on sharded cluster
  • [SERVER-7034] - timeouts for all connections in migrate critical section
  • [SERVER-7231] - Replace log(int level) statements with LOG(int level)
  • [SERVER-7589] - Error trying to upgrade to mongodb20-10gen on Ubuntu from existing package
  • [SERVER-7604] - On MongoS read-only users should be denied access to system.users collection
  • [SERVER-7817] - replica set config field "settings" isn't returned from rs.conf()
  • [SERVER-8116] - mongostat calculates locked db incorrectly, it doesn't divide by the sampling time
  • [SERVER-8167] - getShardDistribution() outputs results as "Mb" not "MB"
  • [SERVER-8172] - a query field with a $not operator should not be used to populate an upsert document
  • [SERVER-8416] - Make replica set state changes take a write lock
  • [SERVER-8442] - Map-reduce memory leak
  • [SERVER-8487] - Fix broken condition in oplog reader code.
  • [SERVER-8648] - checkStatus in DBClientReplicaSet has no explicit socket timeout
  • [SERVER-8655] - MapReduce leaks ClientCursors
  • [SERVER-8675] - backport fixes for sharding tests
  • [SERVER-8685] - mongorestore oplogReplay + oplogLimit should not be compatible with any other collections
  • [SERVER-8696] - no_balance_collection.js failing on RHEL64
  • [SERVER-8734] - Add non ssl arbiter to ssl RS crashes primary
  • [SERVER-8771] - Mongostat 2.2 can't --discover shards in a 2.4 cluster
  • [SERVER-8786] - Race condition when setting ShardingConnectionHook on mongod connection pools
  • [SERVER-8940] - remove2.js failing on 2.2 branch
  • [SERVER-8984] - DBClientInterface::getLastError should test for command failures
  • [SERVER-9027] - Using DBRef as shard key not working anymore in 2.2.0+
  • [SERVER-9124] - Avoid raw pointers for SM's nativeHelper


  • [SERVER-8630] - Log the actual error message when running getnonce fails
  • [SERVER-9022] - Enable mongos mode which releases ShardConnections to the pool after read ops
  • [SERVER-9095] - Windows builds failing on initial_sync3.js and repl_monitor_stress.js

New Feature


  • [SERVER-8335] - remember _dataWritten for unaffected chunks after partial chunk manager reload


  • [SERVER-8455] - ConfigServer::checkConfigServerConsistent mishandles lifecycle of scopeddbconnection
  • [SERVER-9687] - Create enterprise packages for 2.2.4

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