Release Notes - Python Driver - Version 2.1 - HTML format


  • [PYTHON-245] - dots allowed in field names when updating
  • [PYTHON-263] - Cannot query GridFS against a slave
  • [PYTHON-276] - After 101 iterations cursor freezes (pure python)
  • [PYTHON-277] - Batch size is not used to determine size of result set to a query
  • [PYTHON-278] - GridFS issues wrong update with a _closed attribute
  • [PYTHON-284] - Caching in ensure_index is wrong/racy when using unique constraints
  • [PYTHON-289] - Unsanitized input to str format operator
  • [PYTHON-290] - [PATCH] GridOutIterator.__init__ assumes grid_out.length can always be converted to float
  • [PYTHON-293] - test_uuid_subtype (test.test_collection.TestCollection) - Test Failure

New Feature

  • [PYTHON-196] - there should be a decent way to route reads to slaves using pymongo and replica set
  • [PYTHON-285] - Basic SSL support.


  • [PYTHON-136] - Make master_slave_connection less of a special case
  • [PYTHON-256] - Use slaves for 'count()', 'distinct()' and 'group()'
  • [PYTHON-266] - Support ContinueOnError flag on inserts.
  • [PYTHON-267] - Support Binary subtype 4 for UUID
  • [PYTHON-268] - Support tagging feature for MongoDB 2.0
  • [PYTHON-269] - Support connectTimeoutMS, socketTimeoutMS URI options.
  • [PYTHON-272] - In pymongo/, function _closed can be simplified
  • [PYTHON-279] - MasterSlaveConnection should provide a tz_aware parameter.

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