Release Notes - Python Driver - Version 2.4.2 - HTML format


  • [PYTHON-392] - BSON encoder/decoder is breaking on dates before 1-1-1970 with microsecond resolution
  • [PYTHON-428] - MasterSlaveConnection.in_request() and MongoReplicaSetClient.in_request() are wrong if multithreaded
  • [PYTHON-453] - GridFS.new_file fails to raise FileExists with a manual _id
  • [PYTHON-454] - MongoReplicaSetClient should refresh immediately if we detect a secondary is recovering.
  • [PYTHON-455] - Replica set members not in primary/secondary state should not receive reads
  • [PYTHON-458] - PyMongo doesn't correctly reauthenticate to non-admin databases when user has read-only access to admin
  • [PYTHON-459] - Changes to Cursor.clone() in 2.4 break $hint.
  • [PYTHON-471] - Fix uri_parser read_preference validation


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