Release Notes - Python Driver - Version 3.1 - HTML format


  • [PYTHON-967] - print is a function with Python 3
  • [PYTHON-983] - Excessive task switching and load increase after updating to pymongo 3


  • [PYTHON-721] - BSON Errors with invalid utf8 strings.
  • [PYTHON-860] - GridFS.list and other operations fail as read-only user
  • [PYTHON-961] - initializing multiple connections from multiprocessing threads causes database connections to fail to be created
  • [PYTHON-962] - Read preference classes __eq__ should return NotImplemented
  • [PYTHON-969] - Unchecked return value in _cbsonmodule.c
  • [PYTHON-977] - Some BSON types are hashable in python 2 but not python 3
  • [PYTHON-991] - Out-of-date note about "not master" error
  • [PYTHON-999] - Update SDAM tests to latest and fix failures
  • [PYTHON-1003] - Helpers should not call get_socket recursively

New Feature

  • [PYTHON-222] - PyMongo timezone transparency enhancement request
  • [PYTHON-928] - Add support for discovering the connection string to recreate a MongoClient
  • [PYTHON-952] - Implement APM spec.



  • [PYTHON-957] - Lacking rich comparison method(s) for write operations
  • [PYTHON-964] - Unclear error msg when failing to connect to a Unix Domain Socket
  • [PYTHON-974] - Use appropriate hash comparators for sensitive functions
  • [PYTHON-975] - Name driver's threads
  • [PYTHON-997] - Add a FAQ entry about _id and document mutation

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