Release Notes - Python Driver - Version pymongocrypt-1.1 - HTML format

New Feature

  • [PYTHON-2371] - Support Azure and GCP Keystores in FLE
  • [PYTHON-2539] - Support AWS authentication with temporary credentials in CSFLE


  • [PYTHON-2368] - Test Python 3.9 support in pymongocrypt
  • [PYTHON-2408] - Make pymongocrypt compatible with cryptography 3.X
  • [PYTHON-2409] - Allow local.key KMS provider option to be specified as either bytes or a base64-encoded string
  • [PYTHON-2418] - Release pymongocrypt 1.1.0b0
  • [PYTHON-2419] - Document that PyMongoCrypt 1.1 breaks support for libmongocrypt 1.0/1.1
  • [PYTHON-2450] - [pymongocrypt] RHEL 6.2 Python 3.4 test fails to install cffi
  • [PYTHON-2451] - test-python PyPy tasks failing on RHEL 6.2 RuntimeError: You are linking against OpenSSL 1.0.1
  • [PYTHON-2581] - Remove cryptography version cap because it doesn't use semver


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