Release Notes - Java Driver - Version 2.8.0 - HTML format


  • [JAVA-249] - Java Driver cannot connect to 'localhost' when mongod is listening only on (or "localhost")
  • [JAVA-272] - OSGi Manifest is incorrect
  • [JAVA-324] - findAndModify is applied on $cmd collection and hence does not use the ObjectClass of the target collection
  • [JAVA-378] - ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException at when using chunksize > 256KB in GridFS
  • [JAVA-400] - ReplicaSetStatus does not interrupt the Updater thread on close
  • [JAVA-458] - with slaveOk, query distribution to slave is not even
  • [JAVA-469] - may fail with IBM JVM, which prevents from using driver
  • [JAVA-470] - In { "$regex":"foo", "$options":"i" } form, $options is not optional
  • [JAVA-472] - WriteConcern equals uses == instead of equals() for _w object and no hashcode() impl
  • [JAVA-486] - WARNING: Master switching from to
  • [JAVA-498] - When using DB.requestStart, reads are not guaranteed to use the same connection
  • [JAVA-506] - Endless loop in saveChunks
  • [JAVA-509] - ClassMap synchronization is a major source of contention
  • [JAVA-521] - JSON parser parses longs as ints
  • [JAVA-522] - Getting Null Pointer Exception in Mongo Java Driver
  • [JAVA-526] - LazyBSONDecoder infinitely recurses
  • [JAVA-535] - DB.getCollectionNames() fails when connected to a secondary server even if ReadPreference is SECONDARY
  • [JAVA-538] - OP_GETMORE messages ignore connection reservation from requestStart/requestEnsureConnection
  • [JAVA-544] - com.mongodb.gridfs.GridFSDBFile.writeTo( File ) does not close handle
  • [JAVA-549] - DBCursor.getServerAddress returns null for a query with 0 results
  • [JAVA-564] - Binary values serialize as <BinaryData> rather than extended JSON
  • [JAVA-567] - skip() throw exception with the source code version 2.7.2-141

New Feature

  • [JAVA-429] - Allow DBCollections to be modified using raw/binary BSON.
  • [JAVA-485] - add withinPolygon() method to QueryBuilder


  • [JAVA-205] - don't mark methods final
  • [JAVA-332] - GridFS: Allow seek/reads (get part of a chunk) on stream interface
  • [JAVA-371] - nearSphere method in QueryBuilder class
  • [JAVA-392] - java.lang.Character could be encoded as a BSON string
  • [JAVA-475] - Make GridFSFile extendable
  • [JAVA-488] - Support serialization to Mongo extended JSON format
  • [JAVA-518] - Remove Calls to exec() Due to Security Concerns
  • [JAVA-525] - make it possible to override _id for GridFS file
  • [JAVA-529] - NumberFormatException parsing should provide exception subclass or better descriptions
  • [JAVA-534] - Include cursor-id in CursorNotFound exception
  • [JAVA-537] - DBCursor should implement
  • [JAVA-550] - Use System.nanoTime instead of System.currentTimeMillis for taking latency measurements in ReplicaSetStatus.Updater thread
  • [JAVA-554] - Add getters/setters to MongoOptions class
  • [JAVA-557] - Support custom encoder for commands
  • [JAVA-561] - add getX with default methods for missing values
  • [JAVA-573] - Provide a unique value for each released version in Mongo.version() or some similar method

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