Release Notes - Java Driver - Version 2.9.0 - HTML format


  • [JAVA-397] - authentication for replica set fails frequently because 'getnonce' and 'authenticate' command is issued to different server
  • [JAVA-464] - driver does not properly recognize certain command errors
  • [JAVA-497] - ReadPrefs ignored for commands
  • [JAVA-531] - Driver allows connection to multiple replica sets without any errors or warnings
  • [JAVA-570] - distinct and count not go to secondary even we have specified the ReadPreference
  • [JAVA-582] - com.mongodb.DB.authenticate fails often when invoked from multiple threads
  • [JAVA-606] - MapReduce Fails when specifying a collection name
  • [JAVA-612] - DBRef hashCode is broken
  • [JAVA-614] - Eliminate object retention on error condition in DBTCPConnector#call
  • [JAVA-616] - Semaphore released more times than acquired (java.lang.Error thrown on java 7)
  • [JAVA-619] - null write concern should throw IllegalArgumentException for all methods that take one
  • [JAVA-626] - race condition in DB.requestEnsureConnection can cause NullPointerException

New Feature

  • [JAVA-381] - Support redundant mongos connections
  • [JAVA-474] - Enhance read preference support
  • [JAVA-590] - Helper function for aggregation framework
  • [JAVA-613] - Expand connection pool JMX stats to include the current operation being executed by each in use connection


  • [JAVA-295] - Support Android platform
  • [JAVA-380] - Very verbose error messages (continuous) on replica set member failure
  • [JAVA-513] - Declare MongoException consistently in @throws Javadoc
  • [JAVA-553] - Change default timeout values in MongoOptions
  • [JAVA-563] - FindOne with Sort
  • [JAVA-587] - Make constructors for Exception subclasses public
  • [JAVA-610] - Make DBCursor finalizer optional and disable it in all cases where there is no cursor maintained on the server
  • [JAVA-621] - Make BSONTimestamp comparable

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