Release Notes - Node.js Driver - Version 3.5.10 - HTML format


  • [NODE-2626] - initialising change stream results in: TypeError: Cannot read property 'documents' of null
  • [NODE-2649] - Driver 3.5.x with useUnifiedTopology sends admin commands to secondary
  • [NODE-2671] - ipv6 is not supported when using dns service discovering
  • [NODE-2678] - ReadPreference.fromOptions doesn't pull "maxStalenessSeconds" from options


  • [NODE-1341] - Prohibit using unacknowledged writes with explicit sessions
  • [NODE-2021] - Add mongodb+srv URIs to Atlas Connectivity tests
  • [NODE-2266] - Expectations of listIndexNames.json should refer to command as listIndexes


  • [NODE-2433] - Lift restriction on authSource without credentials
  • [NODE-2681] - Add timestamp test with high-order bit set that's not 2^32-1
  • [NODE-2683] - Add a bson corpus test with invalid type for $code when $scope is also present
  • [NODE-2684] - use mock timers to deterministically test interruptable async timer

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