Release Notes - PHP Driver: Extension - Version 1.9.0-rc1 - HTML format


  • [PHPC-1167] - executeBulkWrite() may leave dangling session pointer on BulkWrite object
  • [PHPC-1693] - Fix MongoDB\BSON\Regex::__construct() arginfo
  • [PHPC-1697] - Fix MongoDB\Driver\Command::__construct() arginfo
  • [PHPC-1698] - prep_tagsets may leak in convert_to_object

New Feature

  • [PHPC-1691] - Iterator implementation for MongoDB\Driver\Cursor


  • [PHPC-169] - Test read and write concern inheritance
  • [PHPC-1652] - Add timestamp test with high-order bit set that's not 2^32-1
  • [PHPC-1653] - Resync BSON corpus spec tests
  • [PHPC-1655] - Add a bson corpus test with invalid type for $code when $scope is also present
  • [PHPC-1660] - Always refer to explicit version in PECL example for non-stable release notes
  • [PHPC-1689] - Allow driver to compile with PHP 8
  • [PHPC-1692] - Test suite fixes for PHP 8
  • [PHPC-1694] - Add PHP 8 nightly to Travis CI build matrix
  • [PHPC-1695] - Add PHP 8 to AppVeyor build matrix


  • [PHPC-479] - Print mongoc and libbson versions during configure
  • [PHPC-1699] - Ensure all zpp errors are proxied by InvalidArgumentException
  • [PHPC-1704] - Improve checks for built-in PHP extensions for Windows builds

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