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369.3622,751.731ss opcounters: insert update delete query getmore command (/s)
46.717128.000ss global: read write queue
129.454134.000ss connections: current
4,554.2294,811.000ss mem: resident (MB)
5,014.0425,277.000ss mem: virtual (MB)
0.8300.994ss metrics: commands serverStatus total (/s)
368.598947.525ss metrics: document inserted (/s)
1,104.9352,759.644ss metrics: document returned (/s)
734.2191,823.937ss metrics: document updated (/s)
1,105.1502,759.644ss metrics: operation idhack (/s)
1,839.1534,583.581ss metrics: queryExecutor scanned (/s)
1,839.1534,583.581ss metrics: queryExecutor scannedObjects (/s)
0.0180.990ss metrics: ttl passes (/s)
1.9265.063ss network: bytes In Out (MB/s)
2,215.8985,499.505ss network: numRequests (/s)
18.47894.500iostat cpu: user system iowait nice steal (%)
7.61174.620iostat cpu: idle (%)
0.2619.000iostat disk: xvda write read requests merged (/s)
0.97049.000iostat disk: xvda write read requests issued (/s)
0.16611.281iostat disk: xvda bytes written read (MB/s)
13.091245.790iostat disk: xvda average request size (sectors)
0.0301.390iostat disk: xvda average queue length
0.95435.330iostat disk: xvda average wait time (ms)
0.1504.400iostat disk: xvda average utilization (%)
0.48217.000iostat disk: xvdb write read requests merged (/s)
23.0282,893.000iostat disk: xvdb write read requests issued (/s)
3.060150.625iostat disk: xvdb bytes written read (MB/s)
25.109255.070iostat disk: xvdb average request size (sectors)
0.70624.320iostat disk: xvdb average queue length
1.79933.860iostat disk: xvdb average wait time (ms)
0.70118.000iostat disk: xvdb average utilization (%)
101.7301,331.615ss wt block-manager: blocks written read (/s)
0.82910.373ss wt block-manager: bytes written read (MB/s)
4,159.6104,410.873ss wt cache: bytes currently in the cache (MB)
0.95111.322ss wt cache: bytes written from read into cache (MB/s)
14,336.00014,336.000ss wt cache: maximum bytes configured (MB)
0.24432.512ss wt cache: modified pages evicted (/s)
0.0040.990ss wt cache: page split during eviction deepened the tree (/s)
44,903.67149,572.000ss wt cache: pages currently held in the cache
0.26334.483ss wt cache: pages evicted because they exceeded the in-memory maximum (/s)
101.7191,331.615ss wt cache: pages read into written from cache (/s)
0.26120.690ss wt cache: pages split during eviction (/s)
3,966.8384,246.836ss wt cache: tracked dirty bytes in the cache (MB)
41,952.51247,424.000ss wt cache: tracked dirty pages in the cache
15.00015.000ss wt connection: files currently open
16,329.36938,053.412ss wt connection: memory allocations (/s)
19,164.9992,392,708.374ss wt connection: memory frees (/s)
2.661149.115ss wt connection: memory re-allocations (/s)
7.82311.869ss wt connection: pthread mutex condition wait calls (/s)
0.46122.857ss wt connection: pthread mutex shared lock read-lock calls (/s)
0.81611.881ss wt connection: pthread mutex shared lock write-lock calls (/s)
152.6281,666.667ss wt connection: total write read I/Os (/s)
0.34411.538ss wt cursor: cursor create calls (/s)
5,129.33912,885.262ss wt cursor: cursor insert calls (/s)
0.1362.967ss wt cursor: cursor next calls (/s)
2,929.7397,385.757ss wt cursor: cursor remove calls (/s)
13,197.39933,182.987ss wt cursor: cursor reset calls (/s)
3,304.3478,306.627ss wt cursor: cursor search calls (/s)
1,836.4554,606.330ss wt cursor: cursor search near calls (/s)
733.0691,846.686ss wt cursor: cursor update calls (/s)
0.0286.667ss wt data-handle: session dhandles swept (/s)
0.0771.923ss wt data-handle: session sweep attempts (/s)
101.789335.052ss wt log: consolidated slot closures (/s)
0.2552.540ss wt log: consolidated slot join races (/s)
0.0090.990ss wt log: consolidated slot join transitions (/s)
1,101.3552,775.470ss wt log: consolidated slot joins (/s)
1.0632.677ss wt log: log bytes of payload data (MB/s)
1.1322.806ss wt log: log bytes written (MB/s)
0.0040.932ss wt log: log sync operations (/s)
1,101.2422,775.470ss wt log: log write operations (/s)
2,185.7182,345.426ss wt log: logging bytes consolidated (MB)
100.000100.000ss wt log: maximum log file size (MB)
13,175.78897,512.291ss wt log: slots selected for switching that were unavailable (/s)
4.0004.000ss wt log: total log buffer size (MB)
0.24428.891ss wt reconciliation: page reconciliation calls for eviction (/s)
123.3911,331.615ss wt reconciliation: page reconciliation calls (/s)
0.0060.154ss wt reconciliation: split bytes currently awaiting free (MB)
5.929114.000ss wt reconciliation: split objects currently awaiting free
1,136.2791,150.000ss wt session: open cursor count
134.000134.000ss wt session: open session count
2,207.9465,532.146ss wt transaction: transaction begins (/s)
0.7921.000ss wt transaction: transaction checkpoint currently running
0.0040.952ss wt transaction: transaction checkpoints (/s)
59,638.417248,878.000ss wt transaction: transaction range of IDs currently pinned
2,205.7335,539.070ss wt transaction: transactions committed (/s)
0.8300.994ss wt transaction: transactions rolled back (/s)