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2,306.151274,615.385ss opcounters: insert update delete query getmore command (/s)
12.62825.000ss global: active read write queue
0.0011.000ss global: read write queue
36.00036.000ss globalLock: activeClients total
0.0031.000ss globalLock: currentQueue total
187,483,086.576303,553,000.000ss globalLock: totalTime
792.000792.000ss connections: available
27.00027.000ss connections: current
2,118.4452,259.493ss extra_info: heap_usage_bytes (MB)
1.52451.282ss locks: Collection acquireCount r (/s)
92.1731,825.641ss locks: Collection acquireCount w (/s)
1.74945.161ss locks: Database acquireCount r (/s)
13,929.297275,097.436ss locks: Database acquireCount w (/s)
1.74945.161ss locks: Global acquireCount r (/s)
13,929.298275,097.436ss locks: Global acquireCount w (/s)
0.2538.547ss locks: oplog acquireCount r (/s)
13,837.125273,271.795ss locks: oplog acquireCount w (/s)
64.00064.000ss mem: bits
2,572.2372,589.000ss mem: resident (MB)
1.0001.000ss mem: supported
3,047.7413,066.000ss mem: virtual (MB)
0.1956.410ss metrics: commands isMaster total (/s)
11.48519.868ss metrics: commands serverStatus total (/s)
0.1956.410ss metrics: commands buildInfo total (/s)
13,824.747274,850.299ss metrics: document inserted (/s)
0.0114.651ss metrics: ttl passes (/s)
1.08539.576ss network: bytes In Out (MB/s)
104.0401,841.026ss network: numRequests (/s)
1.0001.000ss ok:
19,140.00019,140.000ss pid:
187.712304.000ss uptime:
185.117300.000ss uptimeEstimate:
187,483.982303,554.000ss uptimeMillis: