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4,659.61837,679.171ss opcounters: insert update delete query getmore command (/s)
5.18316.000ss global: active read write queue
0.0021.000ss global: read write queue
39.00039.000ss globalLock: activeClients total
0.0031.000ss globalLock: currentQueue total
1,097,478,294.7021,402,310,000.000ss globalLock: totalTime
51,166.00051,166.000ss connections: available
34.00034.000ss connections: current
0.0165.952ss connections: created (/s)
2,964.4694,781.028ss extra_info: heap_usage_bytes (MB)
0.0073.968ss extra_info: page_faults (/s)
13,979.77737,680.158ss locks: Collection acquireCount r (/s)
14,212.53237,977.295ss locks: Collection acquireCount w (/s)
13,979.77737,680.158ss locks: Database acquireCount r (/s)
14,212.53237,977.295ss locks: Database acquireCount w (/s)
13,979.77737,679.171ss locks: Global acquireCount r (/s)
14,212.53237,977.295ss locks: Global acquireCount w (/s)
64.00064.000ss mem: bits
25,005.39427,276.000ss mem: resident (MB)
1.0001.000ss mem: supported
25,291.08327,582.000ss mem: virtual (MB)
3.20314.881ss metrics: commands isMaster total (/s)
0.9890.993ss metrics: commands serverStatus total (/s)
13,971.07737,637.710ss metrics: commands update total (/s)
3.20314.881ss metrics: commands buildInfo total (/s)
13,979.24737,683.119ss metrics: document returned (/s)
13,971.09637,636.723ss metrics: document updated (/s)
13,979.24737,683.119ss metrics: operation idhack (/s)
234.28025,720.238ss metrics: operation writeConflicts (/s)
27,950.34475,319.842ss metrics: queryExecutor scanned (/s)
27,950.34475,319.842ss metrics: queryExecutor scannedObjects (/s)
0.0160.992ss metrics: ttl passes (/s)
10.84445.839ss network: bytes In Out (MB/s)
27,957.71375,350.444ss network: numRequests (/s)
1.0001.000ss ok:
23,908.00023,908.000ss pid:
1,097.3691,402.000ss uptime:
1,082.2571,383.000ss uptimeEstimate:
1,097,458.1341,402,290.000ss uptimeMillis:
3.18133.080sysmon cpu: user system iowait nice steal (%)
70.06096.767sysmon cpu: idle (%)
0.0200.218sysmon cpu: irq (%)
0.6301.716sysmon cpu: softirq (%)
135,640.898363,250.196sysmon: context switches (/s)
6,331,826.8336,332,210.000sysmon: processes
1.86417.000sysmon: procs_blocked
0.63715.970sysmon disk: xvda read write requests merged (/s)
1.14889.788sysmon disk: xvda read write requests issued (/s)
0.0253.995sysmon disk: xvda bytes read written (MB/s)
0.47227.935sysmon disk: xvda io_time_ms
1.04279.832sysmon disk: xvda io_queued_ms
0.21220.000sysmon disk: xvda qms/tms
48.62811,284.205sysmon disk: xvdb read write requests merged (/s)
712.25412,202.873sysmon disk: xvdb read write requests issued (/s)