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4,796.97332,568.627ss opcounters: insert update delete query getmore command (/s)
5.73116.000ss global: active read write queue
0.0031.000ss global: read write queue
38.00038.000ss globalLock: activeClients total
0.0051.000ss globalLock: currentQueue total
613,563,241.026810,401,000.000ss globalLock: totalTime
51,167.00051,167.000ss connections: available
33.00033.000ss connections: current
768.937973.245ss extra_info: heap_usage_bytes (MB)
14,393.33232,569.608ss locks: Collection acquireCount r (/s)
14,626.21432,784.314ss locks: Collection acquireCount w (/s)
14,393.33432,569.608ss locks: Database acquireCount r (/s)
14,626.21432,784.314ss locks: Database acquireCount w (/s)
14,393.33432,569.608ss locks: Global acquireCount r (/s)
14,626.21432,784.314ss locks: Global acquireCount w (/s)
64.00064.000ss mem: bits
6,174.5036,180.000ss mem: resident (MB)
1.0001.000ss mem: supported
6,489.9006,491.000ss mem: virtual (MB)
3.17415.889ss metrics: commands isMaster total (/s)
0.9890.993ss metrics: commands serverStatus total (/s)
14,381.73632,379.412ss metrics: commands update total (/s)
3.17415.889ss metrics: commands buildInfo total (/s)
14,392.85932,567.647ss metrics: document returned (/s)
14,381.74432,386.275ss metrics: document updated (/s)
14,392.85932,567.647ss metrics: operation idhack (/s)
239.4301,643.350ss metrics: operation writeConflicts (/s)
28,774.60264,953.922ss metrics: queryExecutor scanned (/s)
28,774.60264,953.922ss metrics: queryExecutor scannedObjects (/s)
0.0150.993ss metrics: ttl passes (/s)
11.16439.615ss network: bytes In Out (MB/s)
28,781.85764,973.529ss network: numRequests (/s)
1.0001.000ss ok:
44,323.00044,323.000ss pid:
614.033811.000ss uptime:
593.700759.000ss uptimeEstimate:
613,543.082810,381.000ss uptimeMillis:
3.51629.528sysmon cpu: user system iowait nice steal (%)
69.88496.880sysmon cpu: idle (%)
0.0030.094sysmon cpu: irq (%)
0.6471.871sysmon cpu: softirq (%)
156,719.752391,203.877sysmon: context switches (/s)
6,482,418.6026,482,541.000sysmon: processes
1.1074.000sysmon: procs_blocked
0.62614.973sysmon disk: xvda read write requests merged (/s)
1.680538.162sysmon disk: xvda read write requests issued (/s)
0.04013.916sysmon disk: xvda bytes read written (MB/s)
1.321199.632sysmon disk: xvda io_time_ms
3.861770.799sysmon disk: xvda io_queued_ms
0.15916.500sysmon disk: xvda qms/tms
3.566602.592sysmon disk: xvdb read write requests merged (/s)
857.45411,434.829sysmon disk: xvdb read write requests issued (/s)
61.968419.714sysmon disk: xvdb bytes read written (MB/s)
2,448.65628,127.332sysmon disk: xvd a busy read a busy writ b busy read b busy writ c busy read c busy writing (%)
145.137286.000sysmon disk: xvdb in progress
973.0831,002.995sysmon disk: xvdb io_time_ms
144,570.109272,117.042sysmon disk: xvdb io_queued_ms
145.441272.340sysmon disk: xvdb qms/tms
1.57637.913sysmon disk: xvdc read write requests merged (/s)
75.853831.141sysmon disk: xvdc read write requests issued (/s)
8.832102.579sysmon disk: xvdc bytes read written (MB/s)
2.756157.000sysmon disk: xvdc in progress
39.512251.546sysmon disk: xvdc io_time_ms
2,337.99131,704.506sysmon disk: xvdc io_queued_ms
20.324152.125sysmon disk: xvdc qms/tms
9,289.94435,602.362ss wt block-manager: blocks read written (/s)
287.834865.769ss wt block-manager: bytes read written (MB/s)
4,539.0594,710.471ss wt cache: bytes currently in the cache (MB)
278.971813.308ss wt cache: bytes read into written from cache (MB/s)
0.746123.016ss wt cache: checkpoint blocked page eviction (/s)
0.59626.549ss wt cache: eviction server candidate queue empty when topping up (/s)
2,339.8478,762.611ss wt cache: eviction server candidate queue not empty when topping up (/s)
2,340.4468,763.600ss wt cache: eviction server populating queue, but not evicting pages (/s)
3.9006.000ss wt cache: eviction server unable to reach eviction goal
0.0361.969ss wt cache: hazard pointer blocked page eviction (/s)
0.0030.981ss wt cache: in-memory page splits (/s)
5,120.0005,120.000ss wt cache: maximum bytes configured (MB)
22.11022.110ss wt cache: maximum page size at eviction (MB)
6,886.44737,747.783ss wt cache: modified pages evicted (/s)
147,949.682155,241.000ss wt cache: pages currently held in the cache
0.0051.963ss wt cache: pages evicted because they exceeded the in-memory maximum (/s)
83.2885,209.646ss wt cache: pages evicted by application threads (/s)
9,289.97635,600.394ss wt cache: pages read into written from cache (/s)