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4,697.00619,468.781ss opcounters: insert update delete query getmore command (/s)
2.71111.000ss global: active read write queue
24.00024.000ss globalLock: activeClients total
26,270,684,443.82026,360,132,000.000ss globalLock: totalTime
51,181.00051,181.000ss connections: available
19.00019.000ss connections: current
407.126868.243ss extra_info: heap_usage_bytes (MB)
13,951.81619,467.790ss locks: Collection acquireCount r (/s)
13,952.53119,467.790ss locks: Collection acquireCount w (/s)
13,951.81619,467.790ss locks: Database acquireCount r (/s)
13,952.53119,467.790ss locks: Database acquireCount w (/s)
13,951.81619,467.790ss locks: Global acquireCount r (/s)
13,952.53119,467.790ss locks: Global acquireCount w (/s)
64.00064.000ss mem: bits
5,155.8885,177.000ss mem: resident (MB)
1.0001.000ss mem: supported
5,439.5795,456.000ss mem: virtual (MB)
0.9890.993ss metrics: commands serverStatus total (/s)
279.005391.477ss metrics: commands getLastError total (/s)
13,951.02819,468.781ss metrics: document returned (/s)
13,951.04419,470.763ss metrics: document updated (/s)
13,951.02819,468.781ss metrics: operation idhack (/s)
27,902.07238,939.544ss metrics: queryExecutor scanned (/s)
27,902.07238,939.544ss metrics: queryExecutor scannedObjects (/s)
0.0170.993ss metrics: ttl passes (/s)
14.95821.523ss network: bytes In Out (MB/s)
28,182.02339,328.048ss network: numRequests (/s)
1.0001.000ss ok:
51,730.00051,730.000ss pid:
26,271.10126,361.000ss uptime:
25,971.50026,060.000ss uptimeEstimate:
26,270,664.28726,360,112.000ss uptimeMillis:
4.88421.741sysmon cpu: user system iowait nice steal (%)
55.07096.883sysmon cpu: idle (%)
0.0000.031sysmon cpu: irq (%)
0.8361.622sysmon cpu: softirq (%)
229,412.757341,880.257sysmon: context switches (/s)
6,495,659.3526,496,057.000sysmon: processes
1.0063.000sysmon: procs_blocked
0.3937.988sysmon disk: xvda read write requests merged (/s)
0.43212.980sysmon disk: xvda read write requests issued (/s)
0.0130.753sysmon disk: xvda bytes read written (MB/s)
0.1573.996sysmon disk: xvda io_time_ms
0.1573.996sysmon disk: xvda io_queued_ms
0.0391.000sysmon disk: xvda qms/tms
5.295291.400sysmon disk: xvdb read write requests merged (/s)
947.6537,297.288sysmon disk: xvdb read write requests issued (/s)
61.230348.891sysmon disk: xvdb bytes read written (MB/s)
2,183.21027,667.733sysmon disk: xvd a busy read a busy writ b busy read b busy writ c busy read c busy writing (%)
127.615286.000sysmon disk: xvdb in progress
850.9361,003.085sysmon disk: xvdb io_time_ms
126,464.693272,397.598sysmon disk: xvdb io_queued_ms
131.614271.805sysmon disk: xvdb qms/tms
0.94841.911sysmon disk: xvdc read write requests merged (/s)
63.069814.232sysmon disk: xvdc read write requests issued (/s)
7.820101.101sysmon disk: xvdc bytes read written (MB/s)
3.140155.000sysmon disk: xvdc in progress
36.714247.592sysmon disk: xvdc io_time_ms
4,555.54831,687.779sysmon disk: xvdc io_queued_ms
23.294139.000sysmon disk: xvdc qms/tms
7,101.84724,042.532ss wt block-manager: blocks read written (/s)
152.338504.900ss wt block-manager: bytes read written (MB/s)
4,267.1854,710.423ss wt cache: bytes currently in the cache (MB)
213.552728.168ss wt cache: bytes read into written from cache (MB/s)
1.982204.344ss wt cache: checkpoint blocked page eviction (/s)
5.61829.615ss wt cache: eviction server candidate queue empty when topping up (/s)
1,286.8406,131.553ss wt cache: eviction server candidate queue not empty when topping up (/s)
1,292.4646,132.542ss wt cache: eviction server populating queue, but not evicting pages (/s)
2.2874.000ss wt cache: eviction server unable to reach eviction goal
0.0060.987ss wt cache: hazard pointer blocked page eviction (/s)
5,120.0005,120.000ss wt cache: maximum bytes configured (MB)
91.61191.611ss wt cache: maximum page size at eviction (MB)
5,608.26222,329.377ss wt cache: modified pages evicted (/s)
132,777.758146,709.000ss wt cache: pages currently held in the cache
46.2382,190.476ss wt cache: pages evicted by application threads (/s)
7,101.73824,042.532ss wt cache: pages read into written from cache (/s)
7.868204.344ss wt cache: pages selected for eviction unable to be evicted (/s)
0.4255.941ss wt cache: pages split during eviction (/s)
159,314.8622,237,238.894ss wt cache: pages walked for eviction (/s)
3,073.9783,675.871ss wt cache: tracked dirty bytes in the cache (MB)
92,938.242110,044.000ss wt cache: tracked dirty pages in the cache
1,877.24315,832.016ss wt cache: unmodified pages evicted (/s)
7.0288.000ss wt connection: files currently open
53,415.842112,090.278ss wt connection: memory allocations (/s)
53,134.983184,650.841ss wt connection: memory frees (/s)
2.2753.953ss wt connection: memory re-allocations (/s)
8,759.27614,518.335ss wt connection: pthread mutex condition wait calls (/s)
1.40811.905ss wt connection: pthread mutex shared lock read-lock calls (/s)
1.0342.976ss wt connection: pthread mutex shared lock write-lock calls (/s)
13,179.22638,569.733ss wt connection: total read write I/Os (/s)
1.03410.913ss wt cursor: cursor create calls (/s)
13,952.29019,472.745ss wt cursor: cursor insert calls (/s)
69,654.63797,189.296ss wt cursor: cursor reset calls (/s)
41,818.66658,348.860ss wt cursor: cursor search calls (/s)
27,887.99538,910.803ss wt cursor: cursor search near calls (/s)
0.0451.984ss wt data-handle: connection candidate referenced (/s)
0.0950.993ss wt data-handle: connection sweeps (/s)
0.1062.964ss wt data-handle: connection time-of-death sets (/s)
0.0341.978ss wt data-handle: session dhandles swept (/s)
0.3241.982ss wt data-handle: session sweep attempts (/s)
12,157.35118,728.444ss wt log: consolidated slot closures (/s)
12.51226.733ss wt log: consolidated slot join races (/s)
7.77621.804ss wt log: consolidated slot join transitions (/s)
13,949.71019,465.808ss wt log: consolidated slot joins (/s)
14.37920.061ss wt log: log bytes of payload data (MB/s)
15.14521.379ss wt log: log bytes written (MB/s)
0.2901.984ss wt log: log records compressed (/s)
13,948.72119,463.826ss wt log: log records not compressed (/s)
0.0110.992ss wt log: log records too small to compress (/s)
0.0220.992ss wt log: log sync operations (/s)
13,948.08419,466.799ss wt log: log write operations (/s)
44,503.89945,815.111ss wt log: logging bytes consolidated (MB)
100.000100.000ss wt log: maximum log file size (MB)
1.0001.000ss wt log: number of pre-allocated log files to create
0.1560.992ss wt log: pre-allocated log files prepared (/s)
0.1560.992ss wt log: pre-allocated log files used (/s)
15,890.862273,233.202ss wt log: slots selected for switching that were unavailable (/s)
542,048.051542,048.088ss wt log: total in-memory size of compressed records (MB)
11.46111.461ss wt log: total log buffer size (MB)
27,262.08327,262.094ss wt log: total size of compressed records (MB)
4,427.07318,852.621ss wt reconciliation: page reconciliation calls for eviction (/s)
6,684.24824,025.717ss wt reconciliation: page reconciliation calls (/s)
0.0010.004ss wt reconciliation: split bytes currently awaiting free (MB)
5.33112.000ss wt reconciliation: split objects currently awaiting free
294.994297.000ss wt session: open cursor count
142.826143.000ss wt session: open session count
195.4624,087.215ss wt thread-yield: page acquire locked blocked (/s)
5.310540.675ss wt thread-yield: page acquire read blocked (/s)
675,398.4285,943,025.540ss wt thread-yield: page acquire time sleeping (usecs) (/s)
27,882.16038,932.607ss wt transaction: transaction begins (/s)
0.5341.000ss wt transaction: transaction checkpoint currently running
18,133.59626,214.000ss wt transaction: transaction checkpoint max time (msecs)
1.0001.000ss wt transaction: transaction checkpoint min time (msecs)
16,971.18026,214.000ss wt transaction: transaction checkpoint most recent time (msecs)
56,391.54584,684.000ss wt transaction: transaction checkpoint total time (msecs)
0.0110.989ss wt transaction: transaction checkpoints (/s)
15,588.02289,143.000ss wt transaction: transaction range of IDs currently pinned
27,892.71638,922.696ss wt transaction: transactions committed (/s)
0.9890.993ss wt transaction: transactions rolled back (/s)