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1,843.8889,148.104ss opcounters: insert update delete query getmore command (/s)
23.61549.000ss global: active read write queue
56.00071.000ss globalLock: activeClients total
2,355,340,153.8462,385,490,000.000ss globalLock: totalTime
768.000818.000ss connections: available
51.00066.000ss connections: current
1.08212.979ss connections: created (/s)
3.3088.000ss cursors: clientCursors_size
3.3088.000ss cursors: pinned
3.3088.000ss cursors: totalOpen
-2,058.358463.598ss extra_info: heap_usage_bytes (MB)
0.1150.783ss extra_info: page_faults (/s)
7,909.55612,992.415ss locks: Collection acquireCount r (/s)
4,664.3447,653.094ss locks: Collection acquireCount w (/s)
7,909.30612,992.415ss locks: Database acquireCount r (/s)
4,664.3447,653.094ss locks: Database acquireCount w (/s)
7,909.30612,992.216ss locks: Global acquireCount r (/s)
4,664.3447,653.094ss locks: Global acquireCount w (/s)
64.00064.000ss mem: bits
40,966.00055,490.000ss mem: resident (MB)
1.0001.000ss mem: supported
41,450.46256,076.000ss mem: virtual (MB)
920.9221,524.152ss metrics: commands insert total (/s)
0.1660.200ss metrics: commands isMaster total (/s)
0.1990.200ss metrics: commands serverStatus total (/s)
2,764.1174,571.058ss metrics: commands update total (/s)
461.045762.874ss metrics: commands aggregate total (/s)
0.1830.399ss metrics: commands buildInfo total (/s)
921.0541,523.752ss metrics: commands delete total (/s)
460.927761.876ss metrics: commands distinct total (/s)
3.3089.000ss metrics: cursor open pinned
3.3089.000ss metrics: cursor open total
920.9221,523.952ss metrics: document deleted (/s)
920.9221,524.152ss metrics: document inserted (/s)
96,810.237160,077.445ss metrics: document returned (/s)
2,763.8334,570.659ss metrics: document updated (/s)
4,613.2737,622.355ss metrics: operation idhack (/s)
460.927761.677ss metrics: operation scanAndOrder (/s)
99,575.947164,648.104ss metrics: queryExecutor scanned (/s)
99,575.947164,648.104ss metrics: queryExecutor scannedObjects (/s)
0.0170.200ss metrics: ttl passes (/s)
9.95830.417ss network: bytes In Out (MB/s)
11,062.29318,292.814ss network: numRequests (/s)
1.0001.000ss ok:
34,759.00034,759.000ss pid:
2,355.0002,385.000ss uptime:
2,325.3852,355.000ss uptimeEstimate:
2,355,325.3082,385,474.000ss uptimeMillis:
8.96772.400iostat cpu: user system iowait nice steal (%)
55.16799.990iostat cpu: idle (%)
13.420175.440iostat disk: xvda read write requests merged (/s)
325.6593,352.260iostat disk: xvda read write requests issued (/s)
7.83280.696iostat disk: xvda bytes read written (MB/s)
39.540108.270iostat disk: xvda average request size (sectors)
11.09362.840iostat disk: xvda average queue length
5.30522.550iostat disk: xvda average wait time (ms)
23.777122.750iostat disk: xvda average utilization (%)
98.0812,037.520iostat disk: xvdb read write requests merged (/s)
3,963.97822,513.800iostat disk: xvdb read write requests issued (/s)
84.616430.452iostat disk: xvdb bytes read written (MB/s)
28.23256.060iostat disk: xvdb average request size (sectors)
27.357109.200iostat disk: xvdb average queue length
1.7425.850iostat disk: xvdb average wait time (ms)
41.514100.000iostat disk: xvdb average utilization (%)
0.0000.010iostat disk: xvdc read write requests merged (/s)
0.0000.000iostat disk: xvdc bytes read written (MB/s)
5.988149.710iostat disk: xvdc average request size (sectors)
3.45686.400iostat disk: xvdc average wait time (ms)
97.923127.000ss wiredTiger: concurrentTransactions read available
30.07748.000ss wiredTiger: concurrentTransactions read out
128.000128.000ss wiredTiger: concurrentTransactions read totalTickets
111.385128.000ss wiredTiger: concurrentTransactions write available
16.61529.000ss wiredTiger: concurrentTransactions write out
128.000128.000ss wiredTiger: concurrentTransactions write totalTickets
7,663.62122,437.101ss wt block-manager: blocks read written (/s)
165.453447.926ss wt block-manager: bytes read written (MB/s)
32,225.01745,995.207ss wt cache: bytes currently in the cache (MB)
183.573492.360ss wt cache: bytes read into written from cache (MB/s)
13.67687.460ss wt cache: checkpoint blocked page eviction (/s)
0.1331.596ss wt cache: eviction server candidate queue empty when topping up (/s)
12.79628.942ss wt cache: eviction server candidate queue not empty when topping up (/s)
0.0670.799ss wt cache: eviction server evicting pages (/s)
12.89528.942ss wt cache: eviction server populating queue, but not evicting pages (/s)
60,697.38569,775.000ss wt cache: eviction worker thread evicting pages
29,696.00029,696.000ss wt cache: maximum bytes configured (MB)
72.60572.605ss wt cache: maximum page size at eviction (MB)
121.577583.716ss wt cache: modified pages evicted (/s)
414,500.000877,493.000ss wt cache: pages currently held in the cache
170.785521.644ss wt cache: pages evicted by application threads (/s)
7,665.96722,433.506ss wt cache: pages read into written from cache (/s)
30.625172.056ss wt cache: pages selected for eviction unable to be evicted (/s)
118.468578.926ss wt cache: pages split during eviction (/s)
6,419.92341,700.200ss wt cache: pages walked for eviction (/s)
8.0008.000ss wt cache: percentage overhead
19,469.59229,869.146ss wt cache: tracked dirty bytes in the cache (MB)
152,067.308338,966.000ss wt cache: tracked dirty pages in the cache
286.2231,027.944ss wt cache: unmodified pages evicted (/s)
55.00055.000ss wt connection: files currently open
118,676.680173,641.773ss wt connection: memory allocations (/s)
710,916.7003,590,781.281ss wt connection: memory frees (/s)
135.917647.963ss wt connection: memory re-allocations (/s)
4,249.0236,846.307ss wt connection: pthread mutex condition wait calls (/s)
501.2524,265.575ss wt connection: pthread mutex shared lock read-lock calls (/s)
0.6322.993ss wt connection: pthread mutex shared lock write-lock calls (/s)
9,791.32522,434.105ss wt connection: total read write I/Os (/s)
498.1764,241.014ss wt cursor: cursor create calls (/s)
6,907.80711,428.543ss wt cursor: cursor insert calls (/s)
185,264.424305,920.758ss wt cursor: cursor next calls (/s)
4,144.0566,857.685ss wt cursor: cursor remove calls (/s)
249,183.871411,275.449ss wt cursor: cursor reset calls (/s)
230,472.147380,325.349ss wt cursor: cursor search calls (/s)
12,173.08819,873.453ss wt cursor: cursor search near calls (/s)
0.1000.200ss wt data-handle: connection sweeps (/s)
0.2000.599ss wt data-handle: connection time-of-death sets (/s)
0.0170.200ss wt data-handle: session dhandles swept (/s)
3.37625.958ss wt data-handle: session sweep attempts (/s)
4,257.6197,020.559ss wt log: consolidated slot closures (/s)
3.8997.186ss wt log: consolidated slot join races (/s)
1.0962.994ss wt log: consolidated slot join transitions (/s)
4,605.3997,620.559ss wt log: consolidated slot joins (/s)
0.9751.613ss wt log: log bytes of payload data (MB/s)
1.2692.093ss wt log: log bytes written (MB/s)
0.0990.200ss wt log: log records compressed (/s)
3,683.5806,093.812ss wt log: log records not compressed (/s)
920.7731,524.351ss wt log: log records too small to compress (/s)
0.0990.200ss wt log: log sync operations (/s)
4,603.8067,617.964ss wt log: log write operations (/s)
1.2932.139ss wt log: logging bytes consolidated (MB/s)
100.000100.000ss wt log: maximum log file size (MB)
1.0001.000ss wt log: number of pre-allocated log files to create
0.0170.200ss wt log: pre-allocated log files prepared (/s)
0.0170.200ss wt log: pre-allocated log files used (/s)
1,708.0066,947.131ss wt log: slots selected for switching that were unavailable (/s)
0.5390.544ss wt log: total in-memory size of compressed records (MB)
1.0001.000ss wt log: total log buffer size (MB)
0.1390.140ss wt log: total size of compressed records (MB)
76.218381.361ss wt reconciliation: page reconciliation calls for eviction (/s)
605.8601,088.640ss wt reconciliation: page reconciliation calls (/s)
4.69014.633ss wt reconciliation: split bytes currently awaiting free (MB)
60.000421.000ss wt reconciliation: split objects currently awaiting free
11,476.07715,755.000ss wt session: open cursor count
203.308266.000ss wt session: open session count
16.657199.880ss wt thread-yield: page acquire locked blocked (/s)
846.4332,002.795ss wt thread-yield: page acquire read blocked (/s)
2,294.1719,585.546ss wt thread-yield: page acquire time sleeping (usecs) (/s)
11,125.62318,314.172ss wt transaction: transaction begins (/s)
1.0001.000ss wt transaction: transaction checkpoint currently running
73,985.00073,985.000ss wt transaction: transaction checkpoint max time (msecs)
5.0005.000ss wt transaction: transaction checkpoint min time (msecs)
69,804.00069,804.000ss wt transaction: transaction checkpoint most recent time (msecs)
621,051.000621,051.000ss wt transaction: transaction checkpoint total time (msecs)
106,866.923277,500.000ss wt transaction: transaction range of IDs currently pinned
11,127.44818,317.764ss wt transaction: transactions committed (/s)
0.1990.200ss wt transaction: transactions rolled back (/s)