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1.73157.143ss opcounters: insert update delete query getmore command (/s)
0.8341.000ss global: active read write queue
0.4061.000ss global: read write queue
7.5158.000ss globalLock: activeClients total
0.8121.000ss globalLock: currentQueue total
44,466,355.62876,891,000.000ss globalLock: totalTime
51,197.48551,199.000ss connections: available
2.5153.000ss connections: current
0.0319.524ss connections: created (/s)
6,231.06712,560.809ss extra_info: heap_usage_bytes (MB)
6,231.06612,560.811ss tcmalloc: generic current_allocated_bytes (MB)
8,319.10112,564.695ss tcmalloc: generic heap_size (MB)
2,078.9394,852.625ss tcmalloc: tcmalloc pageheap_free_bytes (MB)
0.3895.000ss tcmalloc: tcmalloc pageheap_unmapped_bytes (MB)
1,024.0001,024.000ss tcmalloc: tcmalloc max_total_thread_cache_bytes (MB)
0.8444.259ss tcmalloc: tcmalloc current_total_thread_cache_bytes (MB)
7.74845.375ss tcmalloc: tcmalloc central_cache_free_bytes (MB)
0.1164.345ss tcmalloc: tcmalloc transfer_cache_free_bytes (MB)
0.8444.259ss tcmalloc: tcmalloc thread_cache_free_bytes (MB)
0.18038.095ss locks: Collection acquireCount r (/s)
0.24047.619ss locks: Database acquireCount r (/s)
1.0029.524ss locks: Database acquireCount w (/s)
0.0159.434ss locks: Database acquireCount W (/s)
53,432,057.210495,398,055.935ss locks: Database timeAcquiringMicros r (/s)
0.24047.619ss locks: Global acquireCount r (/s)
1.0179.524ss locks: Global acquireCount w (/s)
0.0459.524ss locks: oplog acquireCount r (/s)
1.0029.524ss locks: oplog acquireCount w (/s)
64.00064.000ss mem: bits
8,351.48812,609.000ss mem: resident (MB)
1.0001.000ss mem: supported
8,508.21012,775.000ss mem: virtual (MB)
0.0539.524ss metrics: commands isMaster total (/s)
0.1569.524ss metrics: commands ping total (/s)
10.09019.048ss metrics: commands serverStatus total (/s)
0.0169.524ss metrics: commands whatsmyuri total (/s)
256.000256.000ss metrics: repl buffer maxSizeBytes (MB)
0.0790.291ss network: bytes In Out (MB/s)
10.36957.143ss network: numRequests (/s)
1.0001.000ss ok:
63,389.00063,389.000ss pid:
44.45577.000ss uptime:
43.33075.000ss uptimeEstimate:
44,468.23576,893.000ss uptimeMillis:
127.000127.000ss wiredTiger: concurrentTransactions read available
1.0001.000ss wiredTiger: concurrentTransactions read out
128.000128.000ss wiredTiger: concurrentTransactions read totalTickets
128.000128.000ss wiredTiger: concurrentTransactions write available
128.000128.000ss wiredTiger: concurrentTransactions write totalTickets
6,837.39333,228.584ss wt block-manager: blocks read written (/s)
65.477392.522ss wt block-manager: bytes read written (MB/s)
6,523.15013,186.278ss wt cache: bytes currently in the cache (MB)
209.1821,016.226ss wt cache: bytes read into written from cache (MB/s)
9.170152.381ss wt cache: eviction server candidate queue empty when topping up (/s)
344.14614,358.490ss wt cache: eviction server candidate queue not empty when topping up (/s)
1.777320.755ss wt cache: eviction server evicting pages (/s)