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1,368.78518,983.000wt block-manager: blocks pre-loaded (/s)
4,297.62331,296.000wt block-manager: blocks read written (/s)
32.285361.137wt block-manager: bytes read written (MB/s)
25,521.40457,889.813wt cache: bytes currently in the cache (MB)
146.2751,187.227wt cache: bytes read into written from cache (MB/s)
0.7128.000wt cache: eviction server candidate queue empty when topping up (/s)
9.665895.000wt cache: eviction server candidate queue not empty when topping up (/s)
0.08416.000wt cache: eviction server evicting pages (/s)
10.366897.000wt cache: eviction server populating queue, but not evicting pages (/s)
1,023.59789,708.000wt cache: eviction worker thread evicting pages (/s)
0.0101.000wt cache: hazard pointer blocked page eviction (/s)
1,024.0001,024.000wt cache: maximum bytes configured (MB)
0.0350.044wt cache: maximum page size at eviction (MB)
0.0051.000wt cache: modified pages evicted (/s)
737,922.7501,449,077.000wt cache: pages currently held in the cache
7.93733.000wt cache: pages evicted by application threads (/s)
4,297.57931,296.000wt cache: pages read into written from cache (/s)
0.0101.000wt cache: pages selected for eviction unable to be evicted (/s)
34,363.058583,880.000wt cache: pages walked for eviction (/s)
8.0008.000wt cache: percentage overhead
74.225131.922wt cache: tracked bytes belonging to internal pages in the cache (MB)
949.7751,023.544wt cache: tracked bytes belonging to leaf pages in the cache (MB)
0.0740.124wt cache: tracked dirty bytes in the cache (MB)
2.5734.000wt cache: tracked dirty pages in the cache
1,011.97988,192.000wt cache: unmodified pages evicted (/s)
123,127.500143,640.000wt connection: files currently open
62,725.476601,828.000wt connection: memory allocations (/s)
16,269.168568,954.000wt connection: memory frees (/s)
0.48234.000wt connection: memory re-allocations (/s)
284.6912,947.000wt connection: pthread mutex condition wait calls (/s)
6,016.351152,388.000wt connection: pthread mutex shared lock read-lock calls (/s)
753.0313,522.000wt connection: pthread mutex shared lock write-lock calls (/s)
4,673.71531,296.000wt connection: total read write I/Os (/s)
4,512.28394,739.000wt cursor: cursor create calls (/s)
0.0313.000wt cursor: cursor insert calls (/s)
19,695.419949,127.000wt cursor: cursor next calls (/s)
752.0103,522.000wt cursor: cursor prev calls (/s)
0.0163.000wt cursor: cursor remove calls (/s)
10,528.712362,027.000wt cursor: cursor reset calls (/s)
13,536.325362,027.000wt cursor: cursor search calls (/s)
0.0051.000wt cursor: cursor search near calls (/s)
0.0991.000wt data-handle: connection sweeps (/s)
0.0472.000wt data-handle: session sweep attempts (/s)
0.0000.001wt log: log bytes of payload data (MB/s)
0.0000.002wt log: log bytes written (MB/s)
0.0101.000wt log: log records compressed (/s)
0.0375.000wt log: log records too small to compress (/s)
0.0476.000wt log: log release advances write LSN (/s)
0.0163.000wt log: log scan operations (/s)
0.0102.000wt log: log scan records requiring two reads (/s)
0.0425.000wt log: log sync operations (/s)
0.0051.000wt log: log sync_dir operations (/s)
0.0476.000wt log: log write operations (/s)
100.000100.000wt log: maximum log file size (MB)
0.9901.000wt log: number of pre-allocated log files to create
0.0051.000wt log: pre-allocated log files prepared (/s)
0.0316.000wt log: records processed by log scan (/s)
0.0010.002wt log: total in-memory size of compressed records (MB)
32.00032.000wt log: total log buffer size (MB)
0.0010.001wt log: total size of compressed records (MB)
0.0051.000wt reconciliation: page reconciliation calls for eviction (/s)
0.10511.000wt reconciliation: page reconciliation calls (/s)
728.3912,505.000wt session: open cursor count
13.62014.000wt session: open session count
0.5973.000wt transaction: transaction begins (/s)
0.6411.000wt transaction: transaction checkpoint currently running
1.3442.000wt transaction: transaction checkpoint generation
0.0101.000wt transaction: transaction checkpoints (delta)
0.3181.000wt transaction: transaction range of IDs currently pinned by a checkpoint
0.5311.000wt transaction: transaction range of IDs currently pinned
0.0162.000wt transaction: transactions committed (/s)
0.5763.000wt transaction: transactions rolled back (/s)