[WT-3556] remove wtstats support from WiredTiger Created: 31/Aug/17  Updated: 02/Jan/18  Resolved: 13/Sep/17

Status: Closed
Project: WiredTiger
Component/s: None
Affects Version/s: None
Fix Version/s: 3.6.0-rc0, WT3.0.0

Type: Improvement Priority: Minor - P4
Reporter: Keith Bostic Assignee: Keith Bostic
Resolution: Fixed Votes: 0
Labels: release-notes

Sprint: Storage 2017-10-02


As far as I know, no customers are using the wtstats tool in WiredTiger, nor are we using it internally.

We should remove it, including all documentation.

Comment by Keith Bostic [ 31/Aug/17 ]

Alexander Gorrod, would you please sign off on this change before I pull the trigger?

Comment by Alexander Gorrod [ 01/Sep/17 ]

Keith Bostic please go ahead - the wtstats tool has been superseded.

Comment by Keith Bostic [ 12/Sep/17 ]

Thanks, Alexander Gorrod, I'll go ahead and remove stat_data.py.

Comment by Githook User [ 03/Oct/17 ]


{'email': 'alexander.gorrod@mongodb.com', 'name': 'Alex Gorrod', 'username': 'agorrod'}

Message: Import wiredtiger: 6f561957cb5606f504f9fe5a124c80386b210b1a from branch mongodb-3.6

ref: e2c927fa58..6f561957cb
for: 3.5.14

WT-3230 automatic style checking: function local variable declarations
WT-3252 Remove the reconciliation WT_BOUNDARY structure.
WT-3430 Add statistics tracking transaction ID/timestamp queue usage
WT-3437 Evaluate improvements to tuning of number of eviction workers
WT-3449 Get the Helium software running again.
WT-3457 Enhance checkpoint scrub algorithm
WT-3468 Ensure time comparison is done in thread-safe manner
WT-3474 Extend Python timestamp rollback test case
WT-3510 Add tests to check different sized timestamps and timestamps turned off
WT-3511 Add test for timestamp changing partway during a multi-step transaction
WT-3512 Add tests to catch improper usage of timestamp API
WT-3524 Test format likely to pin cache full when enabling timestamps
WT-3533 eviction handle walk can race with handle re-open
WT-3537 Split pages when nothing can be written
WT-3543 Ensure that failed checkpoints cleanup properly
WT-3555 Streamline open cursor for tables
WT-3556 remove wtstats support from WiredTiger
WT-3557 Make test/format ignore unknown keywords
WT-3561 test/recovery hangs with timestamps disabled
WT-3571 clsm_open_cursors() set incorrct chunk->count
WT-3572 format should limit runs to 6 hours.
WT-3574 timestamp abort does not need to increment with atomic op
WT-3575 ASCII statistics log printing
WT-3576 Update test_timestamp09 to use integer comparison of timestamps
WT-3578 Failed to parse oldest timestamp '0': zero not permitted
WT-3581 format: unexpected checkpoint resolution
WT-3588 test/format references freed memory.
WT-3589 replace return checks and testutil_die() pairs, with testutil_check().
WT-3590 Keep data consistent if writes fail during a clean shutdown
WT-3595 Make sure the Python example gets the right _wiredtiger.so
WT-3601 Coverity 1381365: bt_split.c:__split_ref_move() resource leak
WT-3602 compatible=(release=2.9) is insufficient for downgrading to 2.9
WT-3603 format threads always traverse the same RNG space.
WT-3605 LSM doesn't support type 'r'
WT-3606 reconfigure compatibility error paths leave system in modified state
WT-3609 Coverity 1381438: change __wt_panic to handle a NULL session argument
WT-3610 Relax commit timestamp ordering check
WT-3614 Full-build Friday lint
Branch: master

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