Version 1.8.0


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Major - P3New FeatureCDRIVER-1493Flexible index-creation functionA. Jesse Jiryu DavisOpen
Major - P3New FeatureCDRIVER-1688Test in Evergreen with hardening flagsHannes MagnussonOpen
Major - P3New FeatureCDRIVER-1864Debian and Fedora package build in EvergreenHannes MagnussonOpen
Major - P3New FeatureCDRIVER-1865Test Debian and Fedora packages in EvergreenHannes MagnussonOpen
Major - P3BugCDRIVER-1956Topology scanner's SSL handshake is blockingA. Jesse Jiryu DavisOpen
Major - P3BugCDRIVER-2000GSSAPI Authentication failure on Solaris and RHEL7.1 (ppc64le)Hannes MagnussonWaiting (Blocked)
Major - P3TaskCDRIVER-2008Test X.509 authentication with Secure ChannelBacklog - C Driver TeamWaiting (Blocked)
Major - P3ImprovementCDRIVER-2075Retry ismaster calls onceBacklog - C Driver TeamOpen
Major - P3New FeatureCDRIVER-2081Consider alternatives to WSAPoll on WindowsA. Jesse Jiryu DavisOpen
Major - P3New FeatureCDRIVER-2096Flexible index-creationA. Jesse Jiryu DavisOpen
Major - P3TaskCDRIVER-2102Test Atlas Free Tier ProxyBacklog - C Driver TeamWaiting (Blocked)
Major - P3EpicCDRIVER-2105Add support for new wire protocolsHannes MagnussonIn Progress
Major - P3New FeatureCDRIVER-2118Add support for compiling against snappy/zlib via cmake (aka Windows support)Hannes MagnussonWaiting (Blocked)
Major - P3ImprovementCDRIVER-2144Support compression of legacy write opcodesHannes MagnussonClosed
Major - P3QuestionCDRIVER-2149Support IPv6 "scope" componentA. Jesse Jiryu DavisOpen
Major - P3BugCDRIVER-2160Single-threaded server selection may block for minHeartbeatFrequencyMS unnecessarilyA. Jesse Jiryu DavisOpen
Major - P3New FeatureCDRIVER-2164Test with 32bit openssl on WindowsBacklog - C Driver TeamOpen
Major - P3New FeatureCDRIVER-2167CMake Windows & OpenSSL 1.1.0 incorrect lib namesHannes MagnussonOpen
Major - P3New FeatureCDRIVER-2170Add support for RFC 2744 GSS-APIHannes MagnussonOpen
Major - P3ImprovementCDRIVER-2176Have TCP keepalive default to true Hannes MagnussonOpen
Major - P3BugCDRIVER-2178Coverity analysis defect 72298: Time of check time of useA. Jesse Jiryu DavisOpen
Major - P3BugCDRIVER-2179Coverity analysis defect 100079: Redundant testA. Jesse Jiryu DavisOpen
Major - P3BugCDRIVER-2180Coverity analysis defect 100080: Redundant testA. Jesse Jiryu DavisOpen
Major - P3BugCDRIVER-2181Coverity analysis defect 100078: Logically dead codeA. Jesse Jiryu DavisOpen
Major - P3BugCDRIVER-2182Coverity analysis defect 101219: Waiting while holding a lockA. Jesse Jiryu DavisOpen
Major - P3BugCDRIVER-2183Coverity analysis defect 101220: Waiting while holding a lockA. Jesse Jiryu DavisOpen
Major - P3BugCDRIVER-2184Coverity analysis defect 101221: Waiting while holding a lockA. Jesse Jiryu DavisOpen
Minor - P4ImprovementCDRIVER-2001mongoc_gridfs_file_writev(): parameter "iov" should have a 'const' qualifierA. Jesse Jiryu DavisOpen
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