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Major - P3New FeatureCDRIVER-1120Distribute Visual Studio solution filesBacklog - C Driver TeamOpen
Major - P3New FeatureCDRIVER-1199Apply driver benchmarks with TLSBacklog - C Driver TeamOpen
Major - P3ImprovementCDRIVER-1375Replace more bson_copy_to calls with bson_reserve_bufferBacklog - C Driver TeamOpen
Major - P3New FeatureCDRIVER-1453Combine mongoc code coverage reports from all variantsBacklog - C Driver TeamOpen
Major - P3ImprovementCDRIVER-1487GridFS FindOne weak specBacklog - C Driver TeamOpen
Major - P3New FeatureCDRIVER-1930Document semi-public mongoc_bulk_operation_t functionsBacklog - C Driver TeamOpen
Major - P3ImprovementCDRIVER-2051Documentation for several mongoc_uri_*() methods which return pointer types fail to state that NULL can be returnedBacklog - C Driver TeamOpen
Major - P3ImprovementCDRIVER-2113Document BCONBacklog - C Driver TeamOpen
Minor - P4ImprovementCDRIVER-1367Validate read preferences during server selectionBacklog - C Driver TeamOpen
Minor - P4New FeatureCDRIVER-1904Provide a permalink for latest stable tarballBacklog - C Driver TeamClosed
Minor - P4ImprovementCDRIVER-1984Document mongoc_bulk_operation_newBacklog - C Driver TeamOpen
Minor - P4ImprovementCDRIVER-2059Topology component uses signed and unsigned types for localThresholdMSBacklog - C Driver TeamOpen
Minor - P4ImprovementCDRIVER-2094mongoc_bulk_operation_new does not set same fields as _mongoc_bulk_operation_newBacklog - C Driver TeamOpen
Minor - P4ImprovementCDRIVER-2099Undocument oldest deprecated functionsBacklog - C Driver TeamOpen
Minor - P4ImprovementCDRIVER-2103Use sphinx features for findAndModify docsBacklog - C Driver TeamOpen
Minor - P4QuestionCDRIVER-2159Ignore non-ASCII when downcasing domain namesBacklog - C Driver TeamOpen
Trivial - P5TaskCDRIVER-2050Inconsistent methods for obtaining the current process IDBacklog - C Driver TeamOpen
Trivial - P5ImprovementCDRIVER-2173_mongoc_buffer_try_append_from_stream() never sets bson_error_t output varBacklog - C Driver TeamOpen
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