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Docs for TOOLS-896: Add --noHeaderLine option for mongoexport please

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      Engineering Ticket Description:

      I noticed that the mongoimport tool has the option --HeaderLine, but the mongoexport has not.

      In fact, I want to export a collection as CSV format and use it in hive. But the first line are fields, not data. I have to process the big file just for removing the first line.

      I have reviewed the code of mongoexport at github, The master branch still has the problem.

      // Write headers
      err = exportOutput.WriteHeader()
      if err != nil

      { return 0, err }

      I think mongoexport need to add an option like mongoimport's --HeaderLine,

            allison.moore@mongodb.com Allison Reinheimer Moore
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              6 years, 19 weeks, 6 days ago