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Inconsistencies in BI Connector installation docs

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      The BIC install docs here https://docs.mongodb.com/bi-connector/master/tutorial/install-bi-connector-rhel/ have two different inconsistencies. This applies to the Debian-based instructions as well.

      The first issue is that step 1 of the process for both the Redhat and Debian-based install instructions calls for using a package manager to remove and previous installs of the BI Connector, i.e.:

      sudo yum remove mongodb-bi*

      Yet, the steps to install it make no reference to package managers and instead use other scripts or functions of mongosqld, i.e:

      sudo install -m755 bin/mongo* /usr/bin/

      and later:

      mongosqld install --config {pathToConfigFile}/mongosqld.conf

      As such, the first "remove" step would fail since the package manager is unaware of any previous installs via these methods. If anything, the steps should include the specific files that need to be removed.

      Edit 1/26: Thanks for raising these issues, the issue below is covered by DOCSP-1686

      The second issue is with every piece of Step 5 in that same page that makes a reference to a "mongosqld" service, i.e.:

      service mongosqld start

      The service name that actually works with these commands is "mongosql", i.e.:

      [root@atx ~]# service mongosqld status
      mongosqld: unrecognized service
      [root@atx ~]# service mongosql status

      Thank you,

            jonathan.destefano@mongodb.com Jonathan DeStefano
            mariano.escribano@mongodb.com Mariano Escribano
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