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Docs for SERVER-35043: Remove geoNear command

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      Original Description


      Marking documentation changes as needed because this finally gets rid of the geoNear command. Use the $geoNear aggregation stage instead.

      In the old geoNear command, there used to be fields that kept track of the total distance seen and the maximum distance seen. The $geoNear agg stage doesn't keep track of that for you automatically, but it's possible with the agg framework. I think this is a worthy example to have in the docs in case someone is wondering how to get the exact same behavior as the old command.

      Engineering Ticket Description:

      The geoNear command was deprecated for MongoDB 4.0. We will remove completely under this ticket. 

      Since the $geoNear aggregation stage is internally implementing by issuing a geoNear command through the DBDirect client, work here will include re-implementing the $geoNear aggregation stage.



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