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Documentation for index type/plugin kerfuffle.

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    • mongodb-2.4
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      Need to explain error messages that can occur when upgrading to 2.4 with invalid index types. See: SERVER-8751, et al.

      • Indexes with invalid types created <2.4 will warn on startup (including {foo:"1"}

        instead of





      • When creating indexes of type "text" or "2dsphere" in 2.4, mongodb checks that there are no other indexes with types that were not valid in 2.2, including {foo:"1"}

        . In order to create new index type, user will have to drop offending indexes.

      • Going forward, indexes of invalid types will not be allowed to be created.
      • If you have invalid indexes and you try to reIndex(), it will drop all indexes and fail upon discovery of first invalid index.
      • Invalid indexes are treated as ascending eg., {foo:"-1"}

        will be treated like,


        . This behavior is meant as a bridge for users who accidentally created indexes with invalid types, but is not guaranteed to be true forever.

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