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Docs for SERVER-33998: Remove the parallelCollectionScan command

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    • 4.1.1
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      Original Description


      The parallelCollectionScan command is no longer supported.

      Engineering Ticket Description:

      In its current form, the parallelCollectionScan command will only return multiple cursors when running a mongod with the MMAPv1 storage engine. With the deprecation of MMAPv1 we should also deprecate parallelCollectionScan.

      If the ability to partition a collection is required under WiredTiger in the future, it is likely it will take a different form than parallelCollectionScan. Once such request is tracked by SERVER-24274



      Scope of changes (files that need work and how much)

      • Remove the command page and associated files
      • 4.2
      • 4.2-compatibility
      • add redirects

      Impact to other docs outside of this product

      Atlas lists the command as one not supported (so, need to create ticket for atlas but due for much later – next year)

      MVP (work and date?)

      Resources (e.g. Scope Docs, Invision)

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