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Atlas docs should warn that a restore will require an application restart

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      If we look at the docs for restoring a replica set in Ops Manager, it has a note saying:

      You must ensure that the MongoDB deployment does not receive client requests during restoration.

      Because similar notes are missing from the Atlas docs, users may mistakenly believe they can keep their application seamlessly online while doing a restore.


      On the Atlas pages for restoring from backup, please add 2 notes:

      • A pre-condition that requests (reads AND writes) to the destination cluster have stopped.
      • A post-condition that the application using the destination cluster should be restarted.

      Scope of changes

      Modify the existing admonition to include explicit callouts for the consequences of downtime.

      For restoration via HTTPS snapshot, we might note the same requirements while the user restores using 

      Impact to Other Docs

      • Cloud Manager Restore to Atlas Cluster needs an admonition as well. Consider creating (or cloning) this ticket for the CM portion.

        MVP (Work and Date)

        Resources (Scope or Design Docs, Invision, etc.)

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