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Investigate changes in PM-1325: Non-MongoDB Shell Warning

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      Downstream Change Summary

      With this project, if a MongoDB user connects to certain known imitation services with the MongoDB shell we will display a warning message and link to a docs page (https://dochub.mongodb.org/core/non-genuine-mongodb-server-warning).

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      When a user connects to a MongoDB server/service via the shell, we want to check and inform them whether it is genuine MongoDB or not. This proposal addresses both released versions and future versions of MongoDB. Putting the proposed mechanisms in place will allow us to modify warnings/push marketing campaigns in our tools independently from the release cycles of the server.


      Given the number of imitation services that are now out there (DocumentDB, CosmosDB etc), it’s important to inform the users that they are using a non-genuine MongoDB. This will properly set their expectations and help debug their code, which may not work due to the incomplete/incorrect implementation. Additionally, identifying non-genuine builds will help with our compete analysis and support efforts.


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