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Investigate changes in SERVER-7694: external sort for find command


      Downstream Change Summary

      See public comment left immediately after the link to the git commit.

      Description of Linked Ticket

      Right now when query results must be sorted before being returned, a top-N sort is performed in memory with a memory footprint cap enforced. The goal for this ticket is move to external sorting if too much memory is required, see discussion in SERVER-4716.

      Scope of changes

      • Document allowDiskUse parameter for find database command
      • Document allowDiskUse() cursor method for db.collection.find()
      • Document increase¬†non-index sort memory cap (32MB -> 100MB)

      Impact to Other Docs

      • Drivers may need to either link to allowDiskUse or update their docs to reference support for the new option

      MVP (Work and Date)

      Resources (Scope or Design Docs, Invision, etc.)

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