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Terraform documentation for Azure unclear - `disk_size_gb` cannot be used with Azure clusters - Harmonize with API documentation

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      MongoDB Atlas on Azure - Terraform


      Customers have been raising the issue, that the documentation for Terraform is unclear as they were running into errors when using the Terraform Provider.

      Error: `disk_size_gb` cannot be used with Azure cluster

      The reason is that Azure only provides the disk types.

      This is more clearly defined in the API documentation - suggestion is to harmonise the two documentations and also transfer the table from the API documentation also to the Terraform documentation to make this clear:

      string Azure Required Azure disk type of the server’s root volume. If omitted, Atlas uses the default disk type for the selected providerSettings.instanceSizeName.
      The following table lists the possible values for this field, and their corresponding storage size.
      diskTypeName Storage Size
      P4 1 32GB
      P6 64GB
      P10 2 128GB
      P20 512GB
      P30 1024GB
      P40 2048GB
      P50 4095GB

      1 Default for M20 and M30 Azure clusters
      2 Default for M40+ Azure clusters|

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