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Investigate changes in SERVER-45561: Rename package containing tools produced from the server repository



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      Downstream Change Summary

      Note that this now introduces a new package, called database-tools-extra that contains things like mongodecrypt, mongoldap, and mongokerberos. This change should be transparent to end users, because the existing tools package will depend on this new package, along with the new tools package being produced by the tools team. Still, if we document anywhere the list of packages, or if we have automation that needs to know the whole space of package names, this change is relevant.

      Description of Linked Ticket

      The server build currently produces a tools package which contains both the go tools and various other tools that come from the server repository, like mongoldap or compass_installer.

      However, the go tools are moving to their own new package, and we are removing the go tools from the server package.

      Since we want the old user-facing package name to continue to work for users, we need to rename the package that provides the server tools, so that we can introduce a metapackage that depends on both the server tools and the go tools packages.

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