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Investigate changes in SERVER-46291: Deprecate wiredTigerMaxCacheOverflowFileSizeGB server parameter



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    • 4.4.0-rc5, 4.7.0
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      Changes to ticket per email – so, this ticket would be about  wiredTigerMaxCacheOverflowSizeGB
      Will not need to do wiredTigerMaxHistoryFileSizeGB as that has been eliminated.

      Today, we have made another change that makes the LAS cache file limit parameter ("wiredTigerMaxCacheOverflowSizeGB") a hidden option with no effect in version 4.4. In addition, we eliminated the new parameter mentioned in the previous downstream changes email that was going to limit the size of the WiredTiger history file ("wiredTigerMaxHistoryFileSizeGB"),because this functionality would not provide a good solution for users who desired the same behavior as for the cache file limit option. Dima, you raised some good questions here and we decided that we did not have satisfactory answers with the existence of this new option.

      Please reach out to Brian Lane if anyone has concerns or questions about this new change.

      Downstream Change Summary

      SERVER-46291 adds a new startup option —wiredTigerMaxHistoryFileSizeGB (runtime --setParameter wiredTigerMaxHistoryFileSizeGB) to support the durable history project. This allows users to set an upper limit on the growth of the history file, which is the 4.4 equivalent of the cache overflow file. The defaut setting, similar to the behavior for the cache overflow file in 4.2 and earlier versions, does not impose a limit on the size of the history file and allows the history file to grow unbounded.

      For backwards compatibility, the cache overflow startup and runtime options (—wiredTigerMaxCacheOverflowFileSizeGB and —setParameter wiredTigerMaxCacheOverflowSizeGB, introduced in SERVER-39004) have been modified to control the history file settings described above and will produce deprecation warnings in the server logs when used.

      Description of Linked Ticket

      The WiredTiger cache overflow file has been removed in 4.4, so this configuration option doesn't make work any more - we should deprecate it. There are a number of users who set this configuration option - so we should be nice to them when doing this work.

      Scope of changes

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