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[Atlas] Updating the instructions for Getting Started with Atlas page

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      Hi team,

      The Atlas team has recently made some changes in their UI and they also changed the steps for creating the cluster. The new users are required to manually create an organization -> project and then they go on to create their first cluster. The instructions and the screenshots looks a little outdated on these pages.

      Part 1: Create an Atlas Account.

      Part 3: Whitelist Your Connection IP Address.

      Part 4: Create a Database User for Your Cluster.

      Part 5: Connect to Your Cluster.

      What to do?

      1. In topic "Create an Atlas Account (tutorial/create-atlas-account/) change this line:
      " After you register, Atlas creates an organization....NOT TRUE. Say this instead:
      After you register, create an organization and a project in it.

      2. In the topic security/add-ip-address-to-list, change the following:

      • Change step 2 to say: In the "Add a connection IP address" .... do this...

      3. In topic tutorials/create-mongodb-user-for-cluster, change the following:

      • Change step 2 to say: In the "Create a Database User"...., do this....
      • Change step 3 to say: Click "Create Database User"

      4. In topic: Connect to your cluster (tutorials/connect-to-your-cluster), change the following:

      • Log in...
        Click Get Started in the lower-left corner and then click Connect to your cluster, or in the Clusters page, click
        "Connect to your cluster". The "Connect to ClusterName window opens. Choose a connection method. Click
        one of the options:
      • Connect with Mongo shell, to interact with your cluster using MongoDB Javascript Interface
      • Connect your application to your cluster using MongoDB native drivers
      • Connect using MongoDB Compass to explore, modify, and visualize your data

      5. In the same topic as in #4, there are three different options. All of the info in that topic must be updated to reflect the attached screens.

      Please let me know if you have any questions.

      ~ Shubham

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