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Investigate changes in SERVER-48578: Skip fast count enforcement on the oplog when running validate with enforceFastCount=true


      Downstream Change Summary

      SERVER-44650 added the enforceFastCount mode to the validate command (documented by DOCS-13667). This ticket makes it so that the fast count will not be enforced when validate is run on the oplog collection, even if enforceFastCount is set to true (in other words, the enforceFastCount flag is ignored when validate is run on local.oplog.rs).

      Description of Linked Ticket

      Oplog writers only take a global IX lock, so the oplog can still be written to even during full validation despite its collection X lock. This can cause validate to incorrectly report an incorrect fast count on the oplog when run in enforceFastCount mode. Thus, even if enforceFastCount is specified, the fast count should not be enforced on the oplog.

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