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Investigate changes in SERVER-53176: Return an error when commitQuorum includes voting buildIndexes:false members


      Downstream Change Summary

      For the sake of an index build's commitQuorum, replica set nodes configured with {buildIndexes:false} are not considered data-bearing.

      If a commitQuorum includes a voting replica set node that is configured to not build indexes (i.e. buildIndexes: false), the quorum will be unsatisfiable. Therefore, index builds that use the default commitQuorum of 'votingMembers' will fail if there are any of these voting, non-index-building nodes.

      The user will either need to specify a different commitQuorum or have an administrator make any buildIndexes:false nodes non-voting.

      Description of Linked Ticket

      Given a replica set with config like

        _id: 'rs',
        members: [
            _id: 0,
            host: '…',
            priority: 3,
            _id: 1,
            host: '…',
            priority: 1,
            _id: 2,
            host: '…',
            priority: 0,
            hidden: true,
            buildIndexes: false,

      Building indexes on replica-set with default commitQuorum (votingMembers) seems to wait for build on member that doesn't build indexes (due to replica-set configuration)

      I have to lower commitQuorum to majority, otherwise createIndex command doesn't finish.

      votingMembers commitQuorum should mean: all data-bearing index-building voting replica set members.

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