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New Documentation Review: Shell and JavaScript Interface



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      Before we publish the new documentation it needs some kind of technical review. The goal is to make sure that the documentation doesn't create confusion and/or provide misinformation. Any feedback big or small is very welcome, but the main purpose of this review is to make sure that there are no gaping oversights.

      The best way to proceed will be to fork the <https://github.com/mongodb/docs> repository to your own github accounts, make annotations directly in the file (or make changes if you think that will be easier) and then issue a pull request and I'll merge this content into the docs repo and make the indicated changes. All of the documentation source reStructured Text. Don't worry about the specific formatting, if you're not familiar: I can answer any questions and attend to maintaining correct formatting.

      While it may be tempting to make changes and do more line-by-line editing, Kyle and I have found that it may be more efficient to just add lines that begin with "TODO " and instruction between the relevant paragraphs with instructions on the required change or changes. You can also leave comments about more global issues on this ticket (or in line whatever is easier for you. If needed, I will follow up with questions as I make the revisions.

      Below are the paths of several files in the repository that address the shell and JavaScript interface, and I think you'd be the best person to do this review at this time. If you won't have time to get to this, please let us know so we can reassign this ticket.

      • docs/source/reference/javascript.rst
      • docs/source/reference/mongo.rst

      If you want to install Sphinx and build the documents locally you can review the docs (more or less) as they'll appear on the website, feel free. If you're having problems with getting the docs to build, tell me so I can resolve any issue with the build process and help you get setup.

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