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Investigate changes in SERVER-54608: dropIndexes needs to make the same assertions on primary and secondary nodes


      Downstream Change Summary

      The dropIndexes command cannot drop any ready indexes while there are any in-progress index builds.

      Description of Linked Ticket

      The applyOps path for dropIndexes makes an assertion that the primary does not. This can lead to a bug that generates an invalid oplog sequence and causes all secondaries to stop replicating.

      There is a bug that can be described by the following sequence in its simplest form:

      • Start building an index A
      • dropIndexes aborts A and yields its locks
      • Start building a new index build on A and commit
      • Start building an index B
      • dropIndexes reacquires its locks and sees that A is not in progress anymore, so it moves on to replicate a dropIndexes oplog entry instead.
      • The secondary sees the dropIndexes oplog entry for A but blocks in the applyOps path because B is still in progress, something that did not happen on the primary.

      We need to either a) assert on the primary that no index builds are in progress when a single index is dropped, or b) remove the assertion for the applyOps path.

      Scope of changes

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      Resources (Scope or Design Docs, Invision, etc.)

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