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[Atlas] Mongomirror monitoring examples: update and unify



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      In the https://docs.atlas.mongodb.com/import/mongomirror/#monitoring section, we have examples of usage that illustrate how to monitor the mongomirror process for progress.

      Updated context: In the original comment where this issue was reported , it was suggested to use sample Atlas Search datasets as examples. However, this may lead to confusion as you would never migrate Atlas's own sample datasets into Atlas. It was found that the `zoo.animals`, `park.events`, and `example.airlines` datasets are just placeholder datasets that represent the user's own data. I opted to unify using syntax from `zoo.animals`.

      To do:

      1. For this example: https://github.com/10gen/cloud-docs/blob/master/source/import/mongomirror.txt#L278,
      Replace it with an example that uses indexes for namespaces that are also a part of a sample data set.
      Check if the park.events or zoo.animals example is part of a sample data set and if yes, use it for this example too. If not, use another one.
      2. Update all of the examples in this section to use a single (the same, not different) db from the Atlas sample data set.


      This content has been cleaned up and refactored recently via this PR, and, as part of the review, it was observed that examples in the index monitoring section need to be updated and made more uniform. It was decided that it should be a separate ticket. I transferred the essence of this comment to the Acceptance Criteria for this issue (see above).




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