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Investigate changes in SERVER-61744: Handle a new WiredTiger system log component hierarchy in LOGV2

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    • 5.3.0
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      Downstream Change Summary

      The docs need to be updated to describe the changes done in this ticket. WT-8457 has been created for this purpose.

      Description of Linked Ticket

      • Define a new system log component hierarchy in LOGV2: systemLog.component.wiredTiger.<newComponent>|systemLog.component.storage.wiredTiger.<newComponent>
        • Determining which WiredTiger verbose events we want to map into the LOGV2 component hierarchy
      • Update the server’s initialization to use WiredTiger JSON message strings
        • Server initialization of WiredTiger passes ‘json_output’ configuration options
        • Server initialization of WiredTiger constructs the WiredTiger configuration string to reflect our new logging component hierarchy.
        • Prevent reconfiguring the WiredTiger component verbose levels at runtime.
      • Update servers WT_EVENT_HANDLER implementation to be able to handle JSON message strings
        • Parses JSON and passes it onto the corresponding LOGV2 message/errors.
      • Implement functional tests

            kenneth.dyer@mongodb.com Kenneth Dyer
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