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Investigate changes in SERVER-1864: Support Capped Collection Size Increase

      Original Downstream Change Summary

      This ticket allows users to resize a capped collection through the collMod command. The new fields that change a capped collection size limits are called 'cappedSize' and 'cappedMax'. cappedSize specifies the new maximum size in bytes for the capped collection [1, 1PB] and cappedMax specifies the maximum number of documents allowed in a capped collection (cappedMax <= 0 implies no limit). We prohibit the use of this command to resize the oplog, instead users should use 'replSetResizeOplog'.

      Description of Linked Ticket

      Pre-allocating capped collection sizes is quite hard. Most estimates turn out right; but once in a while, I regret a production-used cap-size. Right now, the only way to increase size of a capped collection is to allocate space on disk by piping zeros, creating a new capped collection, copy elements from src. to dest. and finally, rename dest. to src.

      If there are better ways to do this, please let me know.

      If this becomes a feature in the server; that'd be great.

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