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[SERVER] Clarify that noCursorTimeout has no effect for MongoDB 4.4.8+



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      In mongodb/mongo-php-driver#1308, a user had some questions about cursor timeouts. I was reminded of SERVER-6036, which suggests that singe MongoDB 4.4.8 any cursor associated with a session will have the noCursorTimeout option automatically applied to it.

      Since drivers will attach logical session IDs to all outgoing commands (there may be edge cases, but certainly all commands that yield a cursor), this suggests that cursors will only be subject to timing out due to the session's idle timeout (default: 30 minutes). The original 10 minute timeout (related to noCursorTimeout) will never come into play.

      I assume this is related to find's noCursorTimeout option being omitted from stable API v1; however, this isn't explicitly stated in the documentation and users may be led to believe that noCursorTimeout actually has some effect on MongoDB 4.4.8+.

      I'm opening this ticket to suggest we clearly state the implications of SERVER-6036 in the documentation if it's not already discussed. AFAIK, only the find command supported a noCursorTimeout option, so this misunderstanding may not apply to other cursor-yielding commands like aggregate.


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