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Add Warning for ReadConcern: Majority on PSA Replicasets

      We ran into an issue where the documentation was a bit unclear about the downsides of using ReadConcern: Majority on PSA replicasets here.


      Using ReadConcern: majority after doing writes with a WriteConcern value less than the majority can cause the user to receive stale data on all versions.

      Additionally, using ReadConcern: Majority in PSA replicasets can cause immobilization of the entire deployment through increased cache pressure on failure of majority of the data-bearing nodes on older versions of MongoDB.  Stennie made some notes on a stackexchange post here

      "The caveat on Read Concern Majority applies to a PSSAA deployment (or any where you can lose a majority of data-bearing voting nodes but still maintain a primary). With a PSSAA deployment degraded to PSxAA, the replica set can no longer acknowledge majority writes and there will be increased cache pressure which will degrade performance and eventually immobilise the deployment unless Read Concern Majority is disabled."

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