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Investigate changes in SERVER-65271: serverStatus should allow fine-grained metrics exclusion

      Original Downstream Change Summary

      Before this change, serverStatus() accepts an argument which excludes top-level sections, eg `

      {replication: false}

      `. this change allows detailed exclusion of metrics, eg `{metrics: {query: {multiPlanner: {histograms: false}}}}`. both individual fields/metrics and objects/branches can be excluded

      Description of Linked Ticket

      Motivated by work on SERVER-63642, we would like to exclude some serverStatus metrics from FTDC collection. This is not possible with the current serverStatus command which only allows excluding top-level sections/keys from the output. The result of implementing this task is that we would be able to exclude arbitrarily nested elements from the metrics output.

            jocelyn.mendez@mongodb.com Jocelyn Mendez
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