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Investigate changes in SERVER-68576: We need to know how many sharded collections exist in a cluster

      Original Downstream Change Summary

      Added a new field to server status
      shardingStatistics.numShardedCollections that will be only present in the config server output and will represent total number of sharded collection in the cluster.

      Description of Linked Ticket

      We have made a lot of changes to the balancer. As a result, clusters with a high number of sharded collections may see slower balancing. In trying to find how many clusters have a high number of sharded collections, we realize that serverStatus doesn't give us this information.

      We should track the number of sharded collections in a cluster and place that information in serverStatus. It would help to backport this to all the versions.

      something like "numShardedCollections" or "catalogStatus.shardedCollections" may suffice.

      This can be a lazy/slow count, aka can we do this in a way that doesn't impact customer workloads?

            ian.fogelman@mongodb.com Ian Fogelman
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