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[Server] Investigate changes in SERVER-70971: [v4.4] Backport skipping RSTL lock in serverStatus

      Original Downstream Change Summary

      FTDC data will now always be captured and won't block shutdown. The FTDC capture process won't be blocked if step-up or step-down occurs to nodes on a replica-set.

      This is mostly of interest to TSE and Server engineers as we will have better view of the server state in certain scenarios.

      Description of Linked Ticket

      In 5.0, 4.4, and 4.2 the serverStatus command unnecessarily acquires the RSTL lock for producing the results. This can cause issues with FTDC data reporting as it can have empty reporting periods due to waiting for the lock.

      To solve this in SERVER-60016 we skip the RSTL lock acquisition. That change should be backported. It also requires backporting part of SERVER-50678 for the skipRSTLLock parameter in GlobalLock.

      The backport to 5.0 is already handled by BACKPORT-13878.

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