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[SERVER] Investigate changes in SERVER-72776: Get rid of `moveParanoia` code

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      Original Downstream Change Summary

      Any reference to `moveParanoia` and `noMoveParanoia` should be removed from the documentation.

      These are 2 examples of remaining references to `moveParanoia`: here and here.

      Description of Linked Ticket

      Back in time in MongoDB v2.6 and v3.0, the option sharding.archiveMovedChunks was enabled by default and was aimed at making the source shards archive all migrated documents in a directory named after the collection namespace under the moveChunk directory in the storage.dbPath.

      Since this feature has long been disabled, purpose of this ticket is to get rid of all the code unused in all currently supported and future versions:

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              1 year, 7 weeks ago