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[Server] sh.removeTagRange ignores the tagName parameter

      Original Downstream Change Summary

      On the docs page https://github.com/mongodb/docs/blob/e02edf16172277368f238e8da2b81491f61bf39d/source/reference/method/sh.removeTagRange.txt#L16 and all possible references from other pages, there is mentioned a tag parameter on the sh.removeTagRange.

      This 'tag' parameter has never existed, thus the docs are misleading. This part should be removed: https://github.com/mongodb/docs/blob/e02edf16172277368f238e8da2b81491f61bf39d/source/reference/method/sh.removeTagRange.txt#L65-L70 from all the docs and versions.

      Description of Linked Ticket

      The command removeTagRange(nss, min, max, tagName) from util_sh.js removes the range independently of the given tag name; the tagName parameter is ignored. This command (removeTagRange) is an alias for removeRangeFromZone. On the other hand, removeRangeFromZone(nss, min, max) from the mongo shell removes the range from the tag without passing this as a parameter. It can be done this way because there is a 1:N relationship between tags - ranges. One range can only belong to one tag, thus there is no need to have the tag name to remove a range.

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